Christmas Fun Days!

We started “12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS FUN” a couple years ago!

It’s been a wonderful way to celebrate some of our favorite themes of the season.

See this post for details!



katherine-marie-010315ekatherine-marie-010315a katherine-marie-010315f


katherine-marie-010315i katherine-marie-010315h katherine-marie-010315g


katherine-marie-010315d katherine-marie-010315c katherine-marie-010315bSee this Grinch post for printable links and more ideas!

katherine-marie-010315j1. The Fun Boxes!  2.  After a visit to Santa’s salon!   3.  Reindeer Readers  4.  Gingerbread Day!


Christmas Kindness Day! HOORAY!!!

copyright-katherine-marie-123014fChristmas Kindness day is our favorite day of the year!  There is something so magical about giving and helping others during this glorious season.  We usually brainstorm, as a family, before the big day.  Its fun to dream and conspire about how we will serve and surprise others.  As you can see Blaise (with his clipboard) was in charge this year!

copyright-katherine-marie-123014d copyright-katherine-marie-123014e copyright-katherine-marie-123014hcopyright-katherine-marie-123014c copyright-katherine-marie-123014a copyright-katherine-marie-123014 kindness-dayOver the years we have discovered that this day connects us with the real miracle of Christmas like no other.  God gave us the most precious gift.  As we give and serve His kids we are celebrating that precious gift.  This day blesses us and fills our hearts with  the best Christmas gift of all…


Christmas Around the World!

I hope you’ll celebrate Christmas with me just a little bit longer!  I still have so much to share with you.

Just think…

only 511,629 minutes until Christmas 2015!   katherine-marie-123014Here is a quick peek at our CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD celebration!  We traveled to nine countries in about one hour!  JET LAG!? LONG LINES?!  Nope!  :):)  The teacher in me absolutely loved this activity.

katherine-marie-123014gAfter the kids visited each country they added a stamp, pictures and/or written facts in their passports.

katherine-marie-123014dEach country had a simple treat or activity for the kids to enjoy.

katherine-marie-123014eAs a “pre-travel” activity we made construction paper maps for each country.

katherine-marie-123014a katherine-marie-123014bHere are a few of the countries we visited!!   We kept the information about each destination ultra simple and relevant for kiddos ages 3-10.  You are welcome to use our notes… but beware these just basic NOTES (not facts!)  I’m sure some of these aren’t accurate!

Next year I’d like to really plan ahead and have a food to sample from each country.  My dear friend Ana sent us a a beautiful array of Spanish desserts for us to enjoy!!!  Thank you FF!

katherine-marie-123014cKids put handouts and favors from each country into their file folder “luggage.”  We used google translate to hear MERRY CHRISTMAS in each country’s native language.

katherine-marie-123014fI’ve seen this activity done school wide… what a celebration it would be to have each classroom host a country!  Inspiration and ideas via Reindeer Land Christmas Traditions, The Controlled Chaos Classroom, and Teachers Pay Teachers



2014 Christmas Cards

katherine-marie-christmas-card-akatherine-marie-christmas-card katherine-marie-christmas-card-bOne day, in late November, I yelled to the kiddos, “Put something Christmasy on and meet me on the porch!  It’s time for our Christmas card photo!”  I think I also added a little bribe too… “Anyone who joins in doesn’t haven’t to do chores!”

We all met on the porch.

Just as I started to take my first picture…

it started to SNOW.

Big white gorgeous snowflakes came tumbling out of the sky.

And that’s exactly how Christmas went for us this year… full of unexpected, mostly fun and beautiful surprises.  It’s hasn’t been easy.  We’ve dealing with some heart-wrenching stuff too.  But through it all, over and over, we are feeling God’s love.  We are embracing the surprises.

I still have a million pictures to share with you.  I might get to some more.

I hope you’ve had the merriest Christmas!


Tis the season to be COZY!

katherine-marie-122914 katherine-marie-122914a katherine-marie-122914c katherine-marie-122914f katherine-marie-122914g katherine-marie-122914dkatherine-marie-122914bxoxoxox!!!

Christmas Cookies!

katherine-marie-122714c katherine-marie-122714d katherine-marie-122714e katherine-marie-122714b katherine-marie-122714 katherine-marie-122714acookies-hooray

A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Seven!

Day Seven:  A FUN DAY BOX!

katherine-marie-122114lI was trying to think of a final gift idea to share with you just as I started editing these photographs…  and why not?!  How neat would it be to give a FUN DAY box to anyone with kids?  or anyone who is a kid at heart!!?  Just pick a Christmasy theme and pack a box full of goodies to celebrate that theme!  Games, books, activities, crafts… the ideas are endless.  You could mix up an eclectic collection of handmade, new and vintage items for an unforgettable festive day!

Here is a SANTA DAY example!

katherine-marie-122114fkatherine-marie-122114eIf your gift recipient lives close enough you could even hand deliver a tray of goodies that go along with your theme!


  And well since we are talking about SANTA… here are four of my favorite Santies— katherine-marie-122114 katherine-marie-122114a katherine-marie-122114b katherine-marie-122114c katherine-marie-122114dxoxoxoxo!!!!

A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Six!

Day Six: Christmas Eve Kit!

katherine-marie-122114aMakin’ a list… checkin’ it twice…

Cookies for St. Nick– Cookie Mix

Magic Reindeer Food– Oats, Sprinkles and a little spoon to mix!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa– Packets

Extra Christmas Kisses– Hersey Kisses

Santa’s Stationary Set–  Festive paper, Christmasy pencils and a fun eraser

SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!– Snow in a can (just in case the real white stuff doesn’t make an appearance…)