Painting with Pasta









For this project, I wanted the kiddos to experiment with a new and unique medium.  They ended up painting ON pasta and WITH pasta.  What a delight!  The spaghetti noodles yielded the neatest strokes… but by the end of the hour it was a hodgepodge of noodles & color.

I want to always remember that art is messy.  Art is wild.  Art doesn’t need to follow any rules.  This summer I was thinking of dedicating one day a week to free art—  maybe it will be Wild Art Wednesday or something of the sort?!

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.  Federico Fellini

The Shape Box!


We took a recycled Play Mobile Box and punches out various sizes of rectangles, squares, stars, circles & triangles.


Note of caution:

 This activity is not the faint at heart.

  YOU WILL make a colorful mess… easy clean-up at least!

  This is one of those projects that is as fun to set up as it is to use.


I used my favorite adhesive—modge podge— to personalize the front of box.  Big brother K helped me add a inspiration template that sits underneath the shapes—sketches for collage themes: trains, buses, houses, castles…

  Now we can go shape {collage} crazy!!!


Shape collage art is such a fantastic rainy-anyday art activity.

 It works great for us because almost ANY age can enjoy, create and participate.  

  Thank so much for the idea— LETS EXPLORE!