Larry the Leprechaun is an imaginary Leprechaun who visits our house during the month of March.  Larry loves to surprise the kids with with all sorts of mischief.  Sometimes he leaves notes, tricks, and activities.  The kiddos know that Larry is pretend, but they still love to play along!   

Blaise dressed as Larry!

“Love, Larry”  Notes

The Legend of the Shrinking Leprechaun Hat via Mrs. Miner’s.  Loved loved loved this activity!  Kiddos decorated hats, left them for Larry at bedtime and woke to find Leprechaun sized hats!

On Saturday Larry left a treasure map and clues to find Lucky Charms treats.

Leprechaun Puppets

Larry left chocolates and scraps to make a POT-O-GOLD collage!  Idea via B.Inspired mama!

This was a riot!  Our favorite Larry surprise yet.  I’ll post pics later this week.

Larry left directions and tools for a painting challenge.  No paint brushes!!  The kids had to create with shamrock cookie cutters and toys.

Friday afternoon Larry set up a St. Patty’s Day Pop!   Each balloon contained 1-5 tickets.  Kiddos redeemed tickets for St. Patrick’s Day prizes (books, pencils, key chains…)

How to Catch a Leprechaun pull-out “book.”  Larry left this for Mason to complete this week.

Leprechaun hats and trap.