Before. During. After. {Leprachaun Bank}


I love this idea because I can recycle a couple of my many used latte cups!!!



The kiddos think it’s great fun to feed the Leprechaun gold (pennies).

My original idea was to make a countdown bank; 30 days until St. paddies day = 30 pennies!  When the pennies are gone it’s time to celebrate!

But we can’t seem to keep track of the pennies…  too many quick little hands in this house!



Family Fun Night: Leprechaun Bait


We did an quickie project for Family Fun Night this week!!  The big boys collected rocks.  We spray painted the “bait” with metallic gold.  The kiddos played hide-the-gold.  The night before St. Paddies day I’ll have the kids place the bait around the house.  Maybe a little Leprechaun can leave special treats when he finds the nuggets?

The pot is a mini clay planter that was spray painted with my current favorite product– chalkboard paint! I’ve been on a huge spray paint kick lately, how come I didn’t ever use this stuff before?? It’s so fast and effortless!!!

Now that we have the bait we need the TRAP!!!  We might make this  LEPRECHAUN HAT PIT TRAP! or just put together a simple version.

So far my St. Paddies Day surprises will be:

  1. Green Toilet Water
  2. Mini Green Food Buffet
  3. Green Kisses
  4. Green Foot Prints (I’d somehow like to use Blaise’s little feet… but don’t know how I’m going to make this work yet)
  5. ???