[Toliet Paper Roll Puppets]



[The Clown Pool]



 [The Clown Shop]



Fun & Games: The Clown Pool, Clown Dress Up Box, Face Painting & Pie Smash

Book Love: Funny Bones: Comedy Games and Activities for Kids by Lisa Bany-Winters, Be a Clown: Techniques from a Real Clown by Ron Burgess and Heather Barberie, Big Top Recipes for Little People:  The Big Apple Circus Official Cookbook for Kids and Would-Be Clowns by Favorite Recipes Press

Art Time: Clown Faces, Toliet Paper Roll Puppets & Clown Face Paper Plates

Learning Fun: The Clown Shop (Math & Shapes), Clown Shape Up & Clown Color Discovery



 Pie Smash Tomorrow!