[Tuna Fish Sandwhich with Blue Berry Bubbles]


[Emerson eating lunch, like a fish, in the kiddie pool.]


Sixteen Ways to have fun with GOLDFISH (from left to right):

1.     Serve Goldfish Soup

2.     Try Goldfish Kiddie-Pool Math (fish for numbers then put them in order)

3.     Make Tuna Fish (or PB & J) Sandwiches in the Shape of a Fish

4.     Buy A Feeder Fish for Every Member of Your Family 

5.     Check Out Goldfish Books from the Library and Make Rock GOLDFISH Pets 

6.     Write and Illustrate a FIVE FACTS about GOLDFISH Mini Book

7.     Freehand Foam Goldfish for Math Time

8.     Make a Colorful Goldfish Crackers Collage

9.     Paint a Fish Bowl and Add Artistic Touches like Seaweed and Gravel

10.   Make a Unique Home for Your New Pet

11.   Have Toddlers Engage in a Fun Color Match with Goldfish Crackers

12.   Go Fishin

13.   Dunk Orange Swedish Fish into Blue Jello

14.   Do a Family Fish Day

15.   Eat in a Goldfish BOWL (AKA Kiddie Pool)

16.   Use Goldfish for Addition and Subtraction Practice

and all time favorite of the week– Make an OUTDOOR GOLDFISH BOWL—–

Enjoy these beautiful summer days friends… 

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