[ Lunch Served on Piggy Platters ] 


We saw Charlotte’s Web on stage.  Here’s the sweet version of Wilbur, Charlotte and Templeton–


PIG STYLE DESSERT— served in a trough!  Brownie mix + H2O + mini finger foods = messy little piglets.   


Paper Pancakes! [ If You Give a Pig a Pancakeby Laura Numeroff ]  For kicks you can fill an old syrup bottle with glue and tempera paint… my kids loved drizzling the glue syrup onto their creations.  NOTE: Syrup dries dark so only add a touch of brown!  

 [ Pig Pizza ]


Pig Puff Puppet [ Pink Wiggly Pig, What Do You Wish For?by Marianned Richmond ] 


Here is our version of the classic Three Little Pigs TOUCH,  FEEL and PLAY board.


This was supposed to be a pig face sandwich… ummmm … ya,  not-so-much!



Pigging OUT on Art, Books and Treats—


This Piggy WORD Bank is made from a recycled soda bottle via HERE.  Feed this pig by learning a P WORD (see the mini word pigs above).    

I may dish out one last tiny dose pig fun by serving “pigs feet” for an afternoon snack. The REAL kind—just to see the look on their faces!!! hehehehhe…  Don’t worry– I won’t take a picture!  :):)  

ENJOY your day!