The Baskets Have Landed {2010}

Okay! Okay! Not all of the baskets… but I’m two out of four done!

Emerson’s basket is an old suitcase and

the boys each have their goodies stuffed in vintage soda cartons. 

I’m still doing color-coded baskets…  it really makes shopping easy and fun. 

Remember last year—-


You still have time for some last minute Eastery fun:

Golden Easter Shoes I see a new tradition for US!  Love this idea!

Ressurection Buns  Super sweet way to talk about the miracle of Easter.

Easter Carrots!! Aren’t these delightful?  This is where we found the idea for Mason’s preschool snack (below).  

 I hope you are enjoying the beauty of this Easter season. 

The Baskets Have Landed {2009}

For his VERY first Easter Blaise will receive a teeny-tiny Golden Book and a vintage Playschool cho cho…


The blue basket for Little Ms. Emerson (this is an old timey cooking pot):


The Yellow basket for Little Mr. Sunshine (jars of marbles, books and sweets):


The orange basket for Krischan (complete with Itunes and his all time favorite treats):


Whew— the Easter Bunny is tired tonight.