Grandpa Hank’s steamed artichoke recipe will ROCK your world. Learn how to perfect this culinary delight for a gourmet style KIDS-LOVE-IT pre-dinner treat.  {IF I CAN DO THIS— trust me… so can you! }

  1. Select artichokes by size of stem and freshness. Larger is better.
  2. If the stem is long enough, cut off about ½” and put artichoke atop a vase or jar with the stem immersed in water and keep in a window for a day or two.
  3. Begin preparation by putting a steamer pot on the stove with about 1” of water and medium heat.
  4. Add about ½ tsp of sea salt, 2 glugs (about 4 Tbs) of apple vinegar, 2 squirts (about 2 Tbs of lemon juice), and two shakes of PICKLING SPICE ( 1 TBS) to the water.
  5. Allow this mixture to approach simmer as you prepare the artichoke.
  6. Cut the artichoke stem to about ½” from the bottom and trim about 1” off the top. Cutting horizontally across the top with a very sharp chef’s knife works or use kitchen shears.
  7. Place a steamer rack in the pan and set the artichoke in right side up. Turn up the heat on the mixture to boiling.
  8. Place a flat slice of lemon across the top of the artichoke. Cover the pot with a close fitting lid and adjust heat so the just a little bit of steam is perking out.
  9. Steam for 45 min
  10. Server hot or cold, with ranch style dipping sauce… more on that later!

The number one KEY to this recipe is the PICKLING SPICE— it will make your house smell like a slice of heaven…


This may be the only recipe you will ever find on my blog. It’s that good.