2014 Christmas Cards

katherine-marie-christmas-card-akatherine-marie-christmas-card katherine-marie-christmas-card-bOne day, in late November, I yelled to the kiddos, “Put something Christmasy on and meet me on the porch!  It’s time for our Christmas card photo!”  I think I also added a little bribe too… “Anyone who joins in doesn’t haven’t to do chores!”

We all met on the porch.

Just as I started to take my first picture…

it started to SNOW.

Big white gorgeous snowflakes came tumbling out of the sky.

And that’s exactly how Christmas went for us this year… full of unexpected, mostly fun and beautiful surprises.  It’s hasn’t been easy.  We’ve dealing with some heart-wrenching stuff too.  But through it all, over and over, we are feeling God’s love.  We are embracing the surprises.

I still have a million pictures to share with you.  I might get to some more.

I hope you’ve had the merriest Christmas!


Tis the season to be COZY!

katherine-marie-122914 katherine-marie-122914a katherine-marie-122914c katherine-marie-122914f katherine-marie-122914g katherine-marie-122914dkatherine-marie-122914bxoxoxox!!!

Christmas Cookies!

katherine-marie-122714c katherine-marie-122714d katherine-marie-122714e katherine-marie-122714b katherine-marie-122714 katherine-marie-122714acookies-hooray

A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Seven!

Day Seven:  A FUN DAY BOX!

katherine-marie-122114lI was trying to think of a final gift idea to share with you just as I started editing these photographs…  and why not?!  How neat would it be to give a FUN DAY box to anyone with kids?  or anyone who is a kid at heart!!?  Just pick a Christmasy theme and pack a box full of goodies to celebrate that theme!  Games, books, activities, crafts… the ideas are endless.  You could mix up an eclectic collection of handmade, new and vintage items for an unforgettable festive day!

Here is a SANTA DAY example!

katherine-marie-122114fkatherine-marie-122114eIf your gift recipient lives close enough you could even hand deliver a tray of goodies that go along with your theme!


  And well since we are talking about SANTA… here are four of my favorite Santies— katherine-marie-122114 katherine-marie-122114a katherine-marie-122114b katherine-marie-122114c katherine-marie-122114dxoxoxoxo!!!!

A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Six!

Day Six: Christmas Eve Kit!

katherine-marie-122114aMakin’ a list… checkin’ it twice…

Cookies for St. Nick– Cookie Mix

Magic Reindeer Food– Oats, Sprinkles and a little spoon to mix!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa– Packets

Extra Christmas Kisses– Hersey Kisses

Santa’s Stationary Set–  Festive paper, Christmasy pencils and a fun eraser

SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!– Snow in a can (just in case the real white stuff doesn’t make an appearance…)



A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Five!

Day Five:  A Book and Craft Kit! 


For this present, which was actually part of our REINDEER DAY, I included a book, a hot cocoa packet, small craft kit and treat!  I tied everything up with a ribbon and candy cane.  Easy as can be!!!

katherine-marie-121914This was my mini assembly line for the kits.  For the reindeer craft I just tossed in the “ingredients” for a super simple reindeer puppet.


A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Four!

Day Four: Movie Night!!!

elf-movie-night-by-katherine-marieWhat I love most about giving MOVIE NIGHT gifts is that it’s all about TIME and TOGETHERNESS.

For me this gift represents the simple pleasure of both relaxing and celebrating with loved ones.

elf-movie-night-by-katherine-marie-2This box included show tickets, Buddy’s favorite snacks and some post movie trivia.  I really wanted to include a mini bottle of syrup too, but I couldn’t find one small enough to fit!

Ready for the BUDDY test?!   (Answers at the end of this post!  Don’t even think about cheating if you received this gift in the mail– DAD!!)  Feel free to copy and print TRIVIA for your own movie night!

1.  What does Buddy draw on his etch-a-sketch?
1. Santa clause
2. Mrs. Clause
3. Mona Lisa
4. A fireplace

2.  Who was originally offered the role of Buddy?
1. Rob Lowe
2. Jim Carey
3. Tom hanks

3.  Name three of the foods Buddy puts on his leftover spaghetti.

4.  What year was movie released?
1. 1998
2. 2003
3. 2005
4. 2006

5.  What present did Buddy buy has dad for Christmas?
1. A pancake maker
2. Santa lingerie
3. A Santa hat
4. An elf suit

6.  What did Buddy admit to shoving in the VCR in his goodbye note to his dad and step mom?
1. Cookies
2. Chocolate
3. Waffles
4. Muffins

7.  Buddy the Elf’s suit was reportedly inspired by…
1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Claymation characters
2. Macy’s Christmas window display of 1941
3. John Denver’s first Christmas album cover
4. Mickey mouse’s Santa costume from 1952

8.  A few of the sets in the movie were filmed in/at…
1. The North Pole
2. In an abandoned mental hospital (same as Freddy vs. Jason)
3. The same location as the titanic
4. Florida

9.  Buddy ate cotton balls at the doctor’s office. The cotton balls were actually…
1. Pre-dyed cotton candy
2. Real cotton balls
3. Pin pong balls
4. Doughnut holes

10.  The TV news clip of Buddy walking through Central Park was inspired by the infamous 1967 footage of Bigfoot. T/F

11.  Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” plays a cameo role as an elf. T/F

12.  Will Farrell once worked as a department store ELF? T/F


TRIVIA ANSWERS–1.) 3  2.) 2  3.) Chocolate Pop Tarts, Chocolate Syrup, Marshmallows, etc…  4.) 2  5.) 2  6.) 1  7.) 1  8.) 2  9.) 1  10.) TRUE  11.) TRUE  12.) Nope! but he did play a SANTA!


A Week of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day Three!

Day Three: Fresh Hot Delivery from the North Pole!

pizzaSign on the lid reads–HO HO HO!  Santa heard you needed a little DOUGH!!!!

Isn’t this the most incredible gift for a teenager?  Or how neat would it be to have a couple of these ready to serve to homeless folks?!  I used Scotch double sided tape to adhere the money.  Quarters or one dollar coins are prefect for pepperoni.  This idea is straight from Pinterest.