Celebrating the letter I!

This year we will be celebrating each letter of the alphabet along with Blaise’s kindergarten class!  Their very first letter was you guessed it… Ii!!  copyright-katherine-marie-093014gI is for an Incredible Hulk lunch!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014f copyright-katherine-marie-093014eI is for inchworm and insect painting!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014aI is for interesting homework– the number inspector and itty-bitty ABCs (bubble wrap)!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014I is for the Incredible Hulk (again!) and Iguana (h/t Pinterest)


I is for how indescribably happy this little fella makes me!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014bI is for an incredibly icky snack menu!!!

1.  Imported Italian Icing

2.  Icky-Sticky Cake

3.  Inchworm Apples

4.  Insect Eyes (green cheese puffs)

5.  Insanely gross Iced Tea


What it means to be TWO.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014m copyright-katherine-marie-091014d copyright-katherine-marie-091014cIt means first thing in the morning you get straight to work.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014l copyright-katherine-marie-091014kIt means endless hours of tree gazing and swinging.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014j copyright-katherine-marie-091014iIt means…  “I DO IT! I DO IT!”

Absolutely no help accepted, no matter what the task.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014f copyright-katherine-marie-091014gIt means that a green swimming pool is always at your disposal!

copyright-katherine-marie-091014hIt means hard core exercise!

Running and jumping and risk taking are mandatory.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014nIt means unlimited kisses and tickles!


It means sometimes you only get to play a supporting role in “Beauty and the Beast.”


It means creating beautiful, priceless works of art.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014q copyright-katherine-marie-091014p

It means that simple things like books and puppies can bring unimaginable joy.

It means that every moment is sacred.

It means unpredictability, excitement and feeling scared.

It means life is amazing.



Pancakes, Pajamas and a Pillow Fight!

091414e 091414f 091414d 091414b 091414a 091414 091414cxoxoxox!!


copyright-katherine-marie-091014 copyright-katherine-marie-091014bSprinkles! Aren’t they grand?!



Happy Mail!

copyright-061414acopyright-061414c copyright-061414d copyright-061414e copyright-061414bHere’s a little collection of some goodies we went out this summer!  Did you know that the post office will mail off almost anything as long as there are no safety issues?!  (Shovel and bouncy ball idea h/t Pinterest!)  I’ve found that the postal workers really get a kick out of mailing interesting packages– and it helps if you bring along treats to sweeten them up too!





10th Annual Whip Cream Fight!

copyright-katherine-marie-083014a copyright-katherine-marie-083014 copyright-katherine-marie-083014g copyright-katherine-marie-083014h copyright-katherine-marie-083014e copyright-katherine-marie-083014d copyright-katherine-marie-083014f copyright-katherine-marie-083014c copyright-katherine-marie-083014b copyright-katherine-marie-0899xoxoxo!


copyright-katherine-marie-090314 copyright-katherine-marie-090314b copyright-katherine-marie-090314c copyright-katherine-marie-090314a copyright-katherine-marie-090314d


I’m back!!!!

copyright-katherine-marie-090114nI’m back!  I’m back!  My blog is fixed (I hope!)!  Did ya miss me?!  So much has happened since I’ve last shared with you!  I’ll never be able to fully catch up, but I’ll share some of our favorite summer highlights during the month of September.  The biggest, most exciting news, is that we bought a 150 year old farm house out in the county!  It’s been like waking to a dream we never knew we had!

And school starts tomorrow.  We now have a college freshman, forth grader, second grader and kindergartener in the family.  Yesterday a sweet friend surprised us with an ice cream party kit.  So here’s how we kicked off back to school—

copyright-katherine-marie-090114d copyright-katherine-marie-090114c copyright-katherine-marie-090114e copyright-katherine-marie-090114b copyright-katherine-marie-090114acopyright-katherine-marie-090114mSo good to see you here again!