Treat Time


Class Craft Project!  Paper puppets— these are quick and easy cut and glues.  I put instructions on the inside lid.  The main thing is to glue on popsicle stick LAST!!!


 Class Treats!

 We set up an assembly line to make enough goodies for all their classmates.  Emerson punched eyes and cut  hair… Mason made and wrapped Frankie’s fruit roll up suit… I did the rest…  Team effort!

Blaise decided he wanted bats for his party so we made these BAT JOKE favors for him.


I sent in sample boards so the kids could get their creativity going!  They could–




Or let their imagination run wild!!

Same characters from a couple years ago–  HERE and HERE.


Are you dizzy yet!!?


S I L.

Stuff I Love.copyright-katherine-marie-102913



Frankie on the Halloween goodie table.  

We keep a table in the basement stocked with trash and treasures…   lots kiddo crafts, gifts to give and treats for October!!  The table is almost empty now.  This was taken a month ago or so?!


Boo Bags!

 Inspired by, but nearly as cute as, my dear friend Amanda!!


  The Scarecrow!


Trick or Treat Houses!


Pretend Pumpkin Pie!

It was supposed to be playdough but they added way to much corn starch plus cumin and garlic. Yes, it was grosser than gross… but kept them busy for over an hour!


Fall Play Time at Dusk!

Hope you are enjoying everything you love this late October week!!!


Trunk or Treat!


Some snaps from Trunk or Treat today!!!


 We have a huge selection of costumes that I keep on hand for plays, imaginary play, dress up time and impromptu parties.  So when Halloween rolls around we have it really easy!  I let the kids pick whatever they want for fall parties and trunk or treating.  Then I get to put together a creative costume for the 31st!  :):)  I call it—You pick one.  I pick one. We all get to be creative!  I’ve found the best place to find used costumes is at consignment shops in early September.  I also watch for costumes all year long—cause I’m weird like that.  :)  It really pays off to buy early because costumes like the dragon and banana were only a couple bucks each.




They were running towards me.  Your can’t stop them when candy is involved!  When we started Frankie had a small bunch of bananas to carry along in her basket and the fire breathing dragon had some pretend fire made from paper!  Who knows where they ended up!!?  :)


It was a chilly and gorgeous day.

So thankful for days like this.

So thankful for these creative and fun-loving kids in my life.


Spiders Everywhere!

On Frankie’s lunch tray.

All over Emerson’s bedroom wall.

In the mail!!?

Couldn’t even do homework without those creepy crawly guys coming for a visit!


Spidey lunch!  Clockwise: chocolate coin, applesauce, tortilla bites decorated with food marker, raisin FLIES, and a very very scary sammy. hehehe…


EEEEEEEK!  Emerson picked her Halloween decor this year… those creepy crawlies don’t seem to bother her a bit.  She is reading on of her favorite fall books, “The Spooky Smells of Halloween.”  And for the record Emerson’s room is rarely this clean.

Se7en + 1… I’m so sorry the spiders that visit your house this time of year aren’t nearly as cute and cuddly!  :)


The Spelling Web Game.

1.  Pick a spider word  2.  Practice  3.  Crinkle word into a ball  4.  Throw and see if you can get it to stick to the wall web (covered in contact paper)   5. Repeat!!


Happy mail for my lovely and beautiful friend in Hawaii!  I filled this box with spiders and other fun Halloween goodies.  You must already know that my favorite part about making surprise packages is decorating the box!  This time I added lollipops, a web and edible spiders to the lid.  The lid spiders are peppermint patties (thanks Peggy for the idea)!


Sending 70 Kisses!


I couldn’t package up all the kisses we had for my MOM on her BIG birthday.


So a kissy face picture…


…and 70 kisses in the mail instead.


  It was so easy to come up words to describe her.  We could have easily written seventy thousand nice traits  and that still wouldn’t be enough.



You are the most 

kindhearted, generous, understanding, wise,

compassionate, joyful, inspirational, witty, smart person I know. 

Thank you for teaching me how to be a loving mother.  Thank you for teaching me how serve and love all of God’s kids with gratitude.  Thank you for teaching me how to love myself.  Thank you for every beautiful lesson you’ve ever given me that has molded me into the woman I am today.

You are my hero and my best friend!  

I love you.

(I’d write more but my mom gets mad at me when I stay up ’til wee hours of the morning working on a blog post! hehehe!)


H. A. N. D. (our secret code!)

Happy 70th Birthday MOM!!!!!


Autumn Joys

Thankful for…


 Warm soup.

A lovely new book.

copyright-katherine-marie-102113cA quick stop to marvel at God’s handiwork.


A stroll in woods.

Crunchy leaves beneath our feet.

A little runny nose.


Fall treasures.

copyright-katherine-marie-102113dForgiveness. Grace. A chance to start over.


It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!


Yes! Yes! I’m happy to admit that this is my all time favorite fall flick!  I thoroughly enjoyed It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as a child and I feel so blessed that I now get to watch it with my own kids.  Every year I do a little something extra special to celebrate Charlie!


This year we did movie night with friends, treats and pumpkin paintin’!!


The pumpkin surprise cups (above) are handy for painting and they even had treats underneath.

 Tracie– Does anything look familiar on the table!? I’m just LOVING my birthday candle!  It smells so divine.  Folks you must see this amazing ORANGE themed package that Tracie sent me last month— HERE!!! You know how I adore a color theme.  THANK YOU so much dear Tracie!

Some Great Pumpkin fun from the last couple of years:


2011 Lunch Treats!


2012 Scavenger Hunt!!


The clues led to the movie, of course!!  We even hid one pumpkin up in a tree!


Halloween Happy Mail

Ohhhh I’m like a kid in a candy store with all the little treats and goodies that come out of hiding this time of year!  A couple weeks ago I gathered a colorful collection of kiddo treasures to send out for a little Halloween hello!!      


Getting ready to stuff some envelopes!


Open if you DARE!


Boo! A treat for YOU!