Countdown to Christmas!

I’ve been waiting to do this countdown for almost three years!  It took a me awhile to find 24 colorful and Christmasy Pez candy dispensers to it happen.  I found most of these at antique shops and yards sales, some as cheap as nickel!!  I did pay a dollar for one… but it was a Snoopy vintage and I couldn’t resist!

Our Advent theme this year is called the Adverbs of Advent.   I love the idea of celebrating the HOW, WHERE and WHEN of Christmas.  Tucked inside each candy dispenser is a mini scroll with our ADVERB-of-the-day and bible verse.   I used The Adverbs of Advent: Daily Devotions for Children and Their Families by David Mead.  If you are interested in an Adverbs Advent I just did a quick google search and found this calendar from Waterman United Methodist Church.

For my personal advent meditation and prayer time I’m really thrilled to be using Henri J.M. Nouwen’s reflections, “Jesus Beloved Son.”  Nouwen is a new favorite of mine and I can’t wait to get started.

It would probably be too cheesy for me to say

“PEZ on earth, goodwill toward men,” wouldn’t it?!!  

Okay I won’t! But I hope you have a WONDERFUL Advent season!


Storybook Picnic

Look who’s ONE!

To celebrate Frankie’s BIG day we celebrated with a storybook picnic dinner and a cake smash!!

 The big kids really enjoyed her birthday dinner.  Frankie wasn’t overly crazy about her cake, but she took a nibble or two!

Emerson is more excited than the birthday girl!  I love this shot.

Happy is my favorite!

We are forever thankful for the joy she brings us every single day.




A few of my favorite snaps from today—

See that bag on the left?   That’s what you call fancy cookin’ for juicy bird– bake the turkey in a bag!

With a grateful heart, I wish ALL of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

 May the warmth of God’s love be with you during this season and always!


Let’s get gobbling!

This kiddo classic never gets old!

 Feather Hand-print Gobbler

 H/t Pinterest, Idea via Kids Count!

This years favorites!

“Kid’s Table” Treat Bags

Inside the kids will find play-dough, stickers, chalk, pencils and other little art supplies to entertain them for hours (hehehe…or minutes)!

Emerson’s kindergarten Mayflower craft.

 Turkey Family Magnet (Ed Emberly) & Bookmark

Happy almost Thanksgiving!


297 – 352


297-352 out of 366…


312 – 324

325 – 340


“Sing it girl!”

A million hugs and kisses from the soon-to-be one year old!


Look Book

Last week we received our LOOK BOOKS in the mail!!  What a treat!!  In this digital age there is something so magical about having REAL photographs that we can hold and treasure.  I printed several of Blurb’s 7×7 soft cover books for family Christmas gifts… my very favorite Christmas gift to give!!! I also printed a 160 page 12×12 hardcover book for the kiddos to keep and enjoy.





In the Kitchen with Frankie

I’m a horrible cook.

BUT I’m happy to spend time in the kitchen with Frankie.

Some recent shots that made me chuckle…

hmmm…what shall we toss in today?!

I put Blaise in this same crock pot four years ago.  hehehhe… something never change!

Swimming in the sink today after a lovely and VERY MESSY lunch.

All clean!

Sweet as sugar?!

That chubby dimpled hand just kills me!

Someone really likes TOMATO soup!


Where is God?

He is right here.

Watching quietly while His children play in the sunlight.

He is right here.

In every tiny detail.

He is right here.

Protecting. Enjoying. Loving. Guiding. Forgiving.

He is right here.

In the everyday.

He is right here.

Kissing us with sunlight when we feel blue.

He is right here.

Wrapping His warms arms of love around us when we feel alone.

He is right here.

Laughing along side with us.

He is right here.

Creating a canvas for us to savor.

He is right here.

Never leaving.

Always loving.

Forever adoring.

“Father God,

Give me the grace today to take time.  Time to be with you.

Time to be with others.  Time to enjoy the life you have given me.

Help me remember that today is the day you have made.

May I rejoice and be glad in it.  Amen.”

Luci Swindoll, Joy Breaks; Page 51