Last of the Halloween shots!

We got to carvin’ just in time for the big day!

One Halloween, when I was six years old, I remember receiving a full size Hershey’s candy bar while my brother, Timmy, and I were out trick-or-treating.  I remember thinking that someday when I was “old” I would do the same.  So this year I did!  We were gone all night, but the above crate was completely empty when we got home.  :)

So many treats, so little time!

Picture three is a photograph of Blaise’s preschool party treats. You know he is a photographer’s kid, because when we got home he asked if he could take a picture of his treats on my cell phone. I let him, of course!!

Peter Peter Pumpkin Sleeper!

Class party favors… Blaise LOVES face paint so this was the perfect little gift for his preschool friends.

It was chilly evening for trick-or-treating, but the kiddos kept warm by running from house to house.

Annual Gross-ology Dinner!!!  Usually I make yummy foods that LOOK revolting, but this year I let the kids pick the menu.  They searched for the most disgusting food at the grocery and we sampled a selection of disgustingly delightful foods!  I love that can of Mushy-Cooked-Dried-Peas.  Figs, sardines and seaweed were the winners!

Hope you had a MOOOOOO-velous Halloween!!!


P.S. I don’t want to go to sleep because tomorrow is NO CANDY!  NO SUGAR!  NO HOLIDAY!  I better go have one more Butterfinger before I hit the sack.

The Breakfast Club

Treat Collectors!

 I haven’t made Frankie’s yet… still need to finish drinking the milk.

Notice the bow on Capt. Crunch’s hat?!  Emerson wasn’t too excited to dress as a “guy” so I made him into a girl.  :)

Out of all the kids Blaise was the most excited to dress as a cereal box mascot!  You should have seen him dance in that giant cookie!!

This cereal needs a little MILK!!!

Happy Trick-or-Treating!!!


Pumpkin Pickin’



Make-A-Monster Collage Kits!

Happy Monsters! 

The kiddos took these Make-A-Monster Kits to their class parties today!

Balloon Smash Monsters

WE did some smash art earlier this week.  Blaise loved this activity.

Shape Monsters!

These sweet-eyed creatures are hanging on the wall of our beloved preschool.  I love the eyelashes!

Hope you are enjoying these last fun-filled days before HALLOWEEN!



Today we left for the grocery store and we ended up at a cemetery.

It was a beautiful cemetery.

We talked about death, heaven and God.

They asked me lots of questions.

“Will that squirrel go to heaven too?”

“Who is this??”  (at least 25 times.)

“Why did they die?”

“What is cremation?”

Sometimes I feel like I know just what to say.  Most of the time, I haven’t a clue.

“My dear children, I don’t know, but God does.”

“See these leaves are dying.  Look how beautiful they are.  Dying is okay.  Dying is part of this journey.  Dying might just feel a lot like this leaf as it floats gently to the ground.” (My dad taught me this when I was their age.)

“It’s okay to feel sad here.  It’s okay to enjoy God’s beauty too.  You know what we can do?  We can pray for the families who have lost their loved ones.  We can pray that God’s grace, warmth and love comforts them when they get sad.”  (Pictures 1 & 6)

Their innocence is a beautiful form of prayer for me.

I’m thankful that we took a detour today.

What to do…

…with all those leaves?!

Count them.

Sort them.

Color on them.

Color with them.

Trace them.

Seek and find them.

Enjoy them.

Tomorrow, if it’s not drizzling, we are going to JUMP in them and WAX them!

Blessings and love!


Costumes on Parade

Box-o-Raisins  [2010]

Some favorites—  1. Zoo Keeper & Pet Gorilla   2. Alligator & Mouse (goodwill finds)   3. UPS Driver   4. Kitty   5. Clown holding a bouquet of balloons (Blaise is in the balloons!)   6. Ball Park Vendor (the best part about this costume is the trick ketchup!!!  Seriously FUN!)  7. Snuggle Fabric Softener & Washer  8. Bob Ross  (Quite possibly my favorite of all time.  Most people didn’t get our humor, but this one still makes me laugh.  His treat collector was a bag with a framed painting.)


Snuggle the Bear! [2011]  Emerson’s treat collector was the bottle of fabric softener— it popped open to collect candy…. hehehhehe…

I’m just finishing up our costumes for this year.  We are going with a group theme.  Here is a hint—  I was inspired by the movie, The Breakfast Club.  Any guesses!? :)

Can’t wait to see all YOUR costumes!!


It’s time…

It’s time for pumpkin pics.

It’s time for bright-crisp-sunny afternoons.

It’s time for a little party.

It’s time to decorate fall candy houses.

It’s time to sneak a treat!

It’s time for face paint.

(caught her mid sentence here… she and Blaise were having a ball getting into the Halloween make-up stash.)

It’s time for rainy-day crafts.   h/t: Pinterest, thank you: Hoosier Homemade!

The birds need at fancy house for trick-or-tweeting, don’t ya think?

It’s time for Halloween!!!  Only a couple of weeks to go!