Six Simple Joys

6 Ways to put a little JOY in your life

1. Wear Glittery Red Shoes

2.  Leave a present for a stranger

3.  Swing

4.  Take pictures at dusk

5.  Eat a fancy cake even if it’s not your birthday

6.  Find and play a game that is as old as you are


Love notes from God

 Today my love notes came in the form of

colorful muddy boots,

splashing in the creek,

singing on the bridge

squealing on the swing-set

and leaves glistening in the sunshine.


My love notes probably look a little different from yours.

The crazy, wonderful thing is that we each have our very own set of love notes (moments!)

signed, sealed and delivered by God

every single day.

No price.

No condition.

He knows exactly what we want and exactly what we need.

 Love notes for us.

Just because He loves us.  

So thankful for my love notes today.


Pick a Picnic!

From the archives…

Seven days of picnicking!

Each day they got to “pick” a different picnic activity!

[Puppet Picnic]

 [PB&Js Picnic]

[Pretend Picnic]

[Painting Picnic]

[Pizza Picnic]

[Picnic Party]

I packed a picnic basket with surprises— books, games and treats.  That makes for a party in their book! :)

[Pancake Picnic]

I can’t believe that school starts in less than a month.  Just enough time to squeeze in some picnics this year!


A Summertime Tradition

8 years & counting!

Little did Frankie know what she was getting herself into when she was born into this family!!!  We only put a teeny bit of whip on her head and her nose.  Next year she’ll get the full treatment.  We went through six cans in about 8 minutes.  2011’s fight here!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!



Finding this today made me smile!!

While cleaning out my paper crafting supplies today I stumbled upon this tag album I made a couple years ago. It is made from a file folder & paper scraps. Sadly, this is probably th last papery project I’ve completed! Maybe I will make one for Frankie before she is a teen. :)

Emerson is upstairs sleeping with her “pretty pictures” right now.


{Fun With} Boot Camp

This is the draft notification I left in Mason’s room the night before boot camp.  He showed up, dressed in a suit and tie, at 0700 sharp the next morning.  I didn’t think he would take the 7am thing seriously!!  Even though Frankie doesn’t typically fall asleep until 1 or 2AM, there was no way I could turn down his enthusiasm.  Next year boot camp starts at 0900!  :)

Camouflage Training was a big hit.  I even let them camo me up (here on IG)!  That stuff is sure sticky on a 107 degree day!

[Paint Patrol Soldiers]

Paint-chip craft idea via my wonderfully creative and mega talented friend at Love & Lollipops!  Her paint chip robots are too adorable for words!

I have some funny grenade shots I’m hoping to share with you later!

1.  Our basement was transformed into Fort Smiley for a week!   (okay- more than 7 days if you count the fact that I haven’t cleaned up yet!)  2.  The streamers in the background were for jungle training.  The recruits had to navigate missions while blindfolded.  3.  Ready-Aim-Squirt to erase the chalk board  4.  Boot Camp Journal  5.  Search & Find  6.  Private Frankie  7. The Range  8.  Soldier craft idea via Top Teacher h/t Pinterest.

[Soldier Math]

[Newest Recruit]

[Army Snack Mat]

[Tissue Paper BDUs]

Time for PT!!

Have you ever wondered what’s in a MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat)?  We sampled a breakfast and main course MRE.  The kiddos, of course, thought the food was appalling, but they loved the “oven!”  If your kids have never tried one of these it is a MUST DO!

[Army Search & Find Vocab]

Over and Out!!


174 – 213

A-picture-a-day for Frankie’s first year!

[Day 203]

[Day 191]

[Day 192]

[Day 204]

Huge hugs and kisses from Frankie to YOU!


Happy Red, White and Blue

to you!  

All American Happy Mail!

Bananas& Blueberries (2009)

Firecracker Marshmallows (2009)

Uncle Sam & Betsy Ross wish you a very safe and fun 4th!!!