I Love You Forever

 This book always makes me cry.  Always.  I’ve been reading it for over 16 years and I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a reading with a dry eye.

The chorus…

“I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

as long as your living

my baby you’ll be.”

tugs at my heart big time.

 Two nights ago I read this book to my sixteen year old son and he joked with me, ” Mom I hope you don’t sneak into my room tonight as start singing that to me!!”  Truth is I’ve sung that chorus to him a million times in my heart.

I sang it to him when he was newborn in my arms.  He was so painfully beautiful I didn’t think my heart could stand it.

I sang it to him as I followed his school bus on his first day of kindergarten.

I sang it to him through the challenges and in the moments of immense joy.

And now I’ll be singing it to him from 1,500 miles away.

Yesterday I kissed my baby goodbye.  He is starting a new journey now.

I’ve cried an ocean worth of tears.

My heart is aching.

Through this pain I am trusting that

God is in control.

God has this.

God knows.

 God will carry me through this pain.

Today, instead of staying inside and crying all day, I wiped my red-puffy eyes and packed my trunk with art stuff and easels and projects we could take outside.

We spent hours at the park. We got really dirty.  I took lots of pictures.

Taking pictures is always healing for me.

We played until dusk.
My heart
empty and full all at once.

Lemonade Stand Kit

I’m so excited to send this summer package off to my sweet niece on Monday!

 I guess this is kinda a lemonade-candy-cupcake stand kit!   I thought it might be fun for Zoe to sell the little packages of candy for a nickel each.  And of course she needs to offer cupcakes with extra sprinkles too!  Even if she doesn’t “sell” a lot I know she and my brother will have fun setting up shop. I just was I was close enough to swing by and order a drink!

Boxed up and ready to go!

 The apron idea is from The Vintage Umbrella’s ADORABLE lemonade graduation party (here!!).

My very favorite part about this kit is the “cash box”!  It’s from the dollar spot at Target.

HAPPY Summer!



These pictures remind me that the simple things are what my heart craves the most.  I’m so grateful for these simple-ordinary days.  I love this prayer & meditation from my Twenty-Four Hours a Day reading (March 12th):

“Simplicity is the keynote of a good life.  Choose the simple things always.  Life can become complicated if you let it be so.  You can be swamped by difficulities if you let them take up too much of your time.  Every difficulty can be either solved or ignored and somehting better substituted for it.  Love the humble things of life.  Reverence the simple things.  Your standard must never be the world’s standard of wealth and power.”

“I pray that I may love the simple things of life.”

 “I pray that I may keep my life uncomplicated and free.”


Dad’s Day

Kiddos getting ready for Dad’s Day!

This Father’s Day was extra special for us.  We got to celebrate and hang out with two of the most special father’s in the world!

this guy…

and this guy (on the left!!)…


We love you both to the moon and back!!!


Happy Flag Day!

Did you know that in the US today is Flag Day??  I didn’t until I happened upon a news article earlier this month.  President Woodrow Wilson first established June 14 to celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of our flag in 1777.

Blaise’s classic rip and tear flag!

Mason’s self portrait flag craft.  Idea via the fabulous First Grade Parade blog!

Emerson’s finger paint flag!

A messy table is my favorite sight!

I told the kids that this summer we would make sure to carve out some time to celebrate a few out-of-the-ordinary holidays and observances!

 Se7en has incredible lists of silly, wacky, and educational holidays HERE!!  You have plenty of time to fill your calendar up for July.



Art Auction

At the end of each school year the kids get to host their very own art auction!

This was Emerson’s night and she was so thrilled to share her masterpieces.  Mason and I had a bidding war on the Newspaper art print!  I love this activity because it gives the kids a chance to talk about why each piece of artwork is special to them.

Can you believe they let a shirtless guy into this event??  At least he wore a bow tie for part of the night!  :)



(a note to self) and to YOU!

Be messy.

Be patient.

Be silly.

Be joyful.

Be creative.

Be goofy.

Be snuggly.

Be loving.

Be helpful.

Be happy. 

Be playful.

Be fun.


Be free.


Instagram it.

The question of the day is…

are you on Instagram yet?!

I’ve only recently discovered this craze and I love it. Really really love it.  For the longest time, because of the logo, I thought Instagram was a Poloriod sharing site!?  I’m so slow at all this kind of stuff.  For those of you who, like me, are a couple steps behind the rest of the social networking world, Instagram is like twitter with pictures.  It is a photo sharing program where you can quickly (within seconds) snap, edit and share pics from your iPhone (or Droid).

What I love most about Instagram is that it acts like a virtual mini scrapbook; it is about celebrating the little things.  Instagram has already inspired me to search for more “behind-the-scenes” magical moments.  I am so tickled to now have a home for archiving the simple, ordinary moments my heart longs to remember.  

If you’d like to follow along my followgram is HERE

or you can find me via my username: “katherinemaries

I can hardly wait to have enough pictures to print!!  These tiny boxes might need to be what I try first!  Or perhaps I need teeny tiny tiles?  So many options!