A-picture-a-day for Frankie’s first year!

[Day 157]

[Day 158]

[Day 163]

[Days 150-161]

[Day 172]

[Days 160-173]

[Day 152]

[Day 168]

[Day 161]

Hugs and kisses from the baby girl who never sleeps!!



Preschool ABC Book

Someday Emerson is going to look back on these pages and smile!

Someday I will share these with her children.


a little surprise for KR!

Don’t you just love surprises???

A couple of days ago I did a surprise photo session as a THANK-YOU GIFT!!

Thank you M for being the most perfect and beautiful model (and for helping me with this surprise)!!

Collage Template via Bird Design!  I love the whimsical borders.  These look so good in print!

Dear KR,

Thank you so much for sharing your joy, kindness and creativity with all of us.  You are a treasure to our family.  UPS will soon deliver an extra-special package with lots of pictures for YOU!   We wish you all the best in your next BIG adventure.  

Love, Katherine & crew

P.S.  Your gorgeous daughter is the most precious, gracious and darling twelve-year-old in the universe!!  She takes after her mama in so many ways.    


Sips & Sweets

Earlier this week I attended a “Sips and Sweets” launch party for my friend Meredith and her new party/event design business.  Since I gave up sugar a couple months ago I got to enjoy all the eye candy with my camera.  Taking pictures of sweets is almost as fun as eating sweets.  ALMOST!!  

Meredith’s parties are absolutely charming.  She has a way with magical and creative details  (like her pumpkin-painting party here!)

 I can’t wait to see what kind of party she creates next!

Happy Weekend!!!


{Fun With} Construction

It’s that time of year again.  Construction workers everywhere!

[Dump Truck Collage]

[Construction Math Workshop]

Lunch is Served!!  The kiddos crushed (hammered) chocolate cookies to make dirt.

1.  Tuff Tools– I used a sharpie and dollar store tape measures to make math and writing games   2.  Painting with Trucks   3.  Construction Workers   4.  Hammer Time   5.  Messy Play   6.  The Crew

Construction Obstacle Course Cards:  Jump like a jack-hammer, Run backwards like a backhoe loader,  Skip like a skip-loader... etc

Those construction signs are HUGE up-close!

I always think of Kit Kats when I think of construction workers.  Remember that old commercial “Gimme a Break” with the guys in yellow hats?

A sensory experience with cake mix (aka dirt)!

CAUTION: Mess Ahead!

[Kissable Construction Worker]

 Of course we also put her in a toy dump truck which she thought was incredibly funny.

 Tool belt printable via Brilliant Beginnings Preschool  (We even made a tiny tool belt small enough to fit Frankie.)

[Field Trip to Home Depot]

[Construction Play Mat]

[Play Mat in Action]

Have a GREAT day!  Don’t WORK too hard!

Big Deal

Going out to eat is a big deal for our kiddos.  We don’t do it often; maybe a handful of times per year with all the little kids.  When we do it’s cause for celebration.  One of the things I love most about having these children in my world is they remind me that little things ARE A BIG DEAL.

 Playing checkers at Cracker Barrel Restaurant is a big deal.

Ordering french toast for dinner is a big deal.

 Being together is a big deal.

Graduating from preschool is a big deal!

This was her celebration dinner.

This smile is a big deal!

Outside the restaurant playing checkers.  (BIG DEAL!)

Pink boots are a big deal.

Playing a two-minute game of checkers with the graduate.  Big Deal!

Hope your days are filled with a billion big deals.


Birthday Balloons in a Box

Pop for a present!

Just poppin by to wish you a Happy Birthday!

This idea via She’s Crafty has been my favorite pin of all time!

Emerson takes her birthday card making seriously!


Mom’s Day Weekend

Coupon for infinity pictures!!  Mason said that I can redeem it for a full day of unlimited photo taking! whoo hooo!

First Mom’s Day with FIVE!

Almost!  Almost!!!  I’ve never been able to get more than two kids to look at me for a photo, but I still love this one.

No gift can top handmade cards and kisses, but I was pretty tickled to get an IPHONE on Sunday!!!  I’ve been dying for one for ONE reason and ONE reason only–INSTAGRAM.  I haven’t completely figured out how to navigate Instagram yet, but it sure is easy to snap and edit pics.

Mom’s Day Treats:  1. kisses  2. meringues & a poem   3. sushi for dinner   4. naps   5. coupons   6. movie night–Muppets   7. handmade card (+ gift certificate)  8. favorite drink   9. lots of frosting   10.  Artful Blogging at B&N   11. trip to the book store   12. K’s card (all pics via iphone 5-13-12)

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!!!