Toys & Books

I’m always on the look-out for sweet little antique toys and books for the kids!  Most of our collection comes from my dad who sends us care packages every month or so.  The kiddos love opening PAPA’S packages– they never know what vintage treasures they might find!!

These Child Craft books are super special to me.  My dad had an identical set of encyclopedias in his home when he was growing up.

Oh how I love these colors!

The other side of the bedroom.

Getting ready for naptime.

I don’t even want to know what is smeared on the wall?!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL day!


Springtime Cookin

gathering ingredients

I’ve never met an antique-kids-kitchen that I didn’t LOVE.

Dandelion soup and fern cake were on the menu this evening.

preparing the sink for dishes

Hip hip hooray for a spring cookin kinda day!



A-picture-a-day for Frankie’s first year!

[Day 132]


[Day 142] Easter Sunday

[Day 146]

[Day 144]


[Day 141]

[Day 133]

[Day 123]


[Day 138]

[Day 124]

[Day 146]

Hugs and kisses from FRANKIE! xoxoxoxoxo

Earth Day Treasures


{Fun With} Spring Break Science

Super Silly Spring Break Science!

Color Explosions!  So easy and fun… via Pinterest

Links to Projects:  1.  Elephant’s Toothpaste:  Science Bob   2.  Sink or Float Science:  Children’s Science Experiments    3.  Soda Pop Rockets:  Steve Spangler Science   4.  Dancing macaroni:  Steve Spangler Science   5.  Play Dough Volcanoes:  Make and Takes   6.  Candy Experiments    7.  Naked Eggs: Science Sparks   8.  Terrific Tornadoes:  Cool Science Projects   9.  Magnet Painting: Rockabye Butterfly  10.  Mad Scientist Mason’s Pick- Silly Putty Science:  The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions by J. and D. Thomas

Emerson’s Laboratory

Sink vs Float

This was supposed to be a lava lamp!  We used olive oil instead of cooking oil– didn’t work!

Perhaps the most famous scientist (physicist) of all time?  (h/t  Family Fun)

Gooey Gross Science!  We do this a couple times a year at least (Recipe)!

The Mad Scientist puts on a show!

Ingredients for “Elephant’s Toothpaste” and “Dancing Macaroni”

Mason’s favorite Experiment

Volcano Cups

Test Tube Vocab Match

You know I had to do it!  hehehehe…

We still want to try:

 Fizzy Explosion Bags via All Beautiful Things

Baked Ice-Cream via Hooked on Science

Film Canister Rockets via KBears Science  (maybe for 4th of July?!)



Tuesday’s Reflection


“No matter what your occupation, let what you are doing be organic.  

Let it be in your bones.

 In this way you will open the door by which

the affluence of heaven and earth shall stream into you.”  

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I like

I like baby shoes.

I like plates and bowls made from old milk jugs.

I like TOKA BOCA on during ipad time.  Toca Kitchen and Toca Hair salon are just so cute.

I like the sign for I LOVE YOU.

I like penny candy shops.

I like trips to Shipshawana.  I really really like Blaise’s little prayer at the table.

I like huge piles of laundry.  OKAY! OKAY not really, but I love the smell of fresh laundry!

I like squishy baby cheeks. A lot. This makes her laugh so hard!

I like pictures of big brother and little brother.

Hope your day is filled with everything you LIKE!


Birthday Table

Emerson’s Birthday Table!

Of course she wanted PINK!

Inside this one- a Strawberry Shortcake doll!  They still smell like they did when I was little.

I’m still hoping to do a faces-of-five series with her!  (remember faces-of-four??)

My love.  FIVE!!!!