Springtime stuff from the archives…

1.  Pink Party Chicks   2.  Peep Puppets   3.  Cupcake Liner Chicks    4.  Bunny Lollipops   5.  Resurrection Eggs   6.  Farm Fresh Eggs   7.  Coffee Cup Chicks   8.  Easter Baskets


Coloring Eggs

We had some friends over for some egg-dunking-fun last Sunday.  It was such a gorgeous evening that the kids were more interested in fishing and running around outside than coloring eggs.  Anytime we have friends over my kids think it is a PARTY!  One of these days they might realize that we were all just hanging out, but then again, maybe they will always believe it’s something EXTRA SPECIAL to enjoy time with friends!!!

I am loving my new Fuji Instax Mini camera.  These little polaroids have such a sweet vintage feel.  They really remind me of my childhood.  There is something so magical about having an instant memory.  I just wish the film wasn’t so expensive.

Okay, so this isn’t technically an egg coloring pic… but she is wearing a spring color!  So it counts!  I need to catch you up on her shot-a-day soon.  I’m tickling her here!  :)

You won’t believe how long I’ve been saving those egg cartons— since Mason was a baby!  Almost eight years!!  I ordered tons of cartons for his “birth announcements” and I’ve had them ever since.  Every Easter I bring them out and we decorate them and use them for egg coloring.  Maybe someday I’ll use them all up!

Monday morning we had lots of eggs left over and Blaise went straight into dunk mode!!  Next year I’m going  to save the colorful water for painting and crafts.

Happy Spring!!!


Eastery Favorites

A few of my favorite Easter-time things…  

Easter is in the air!



Starting to look

…a teeny tiny bit like EASTER around here!

This old school-house chalk board used to be our Command Center!  Now it is just perfect for holiday scribbles and doodles.

Easter Egg Lunch!  I love this idea via Glue Sticks!

We’ve got bunny ears!  Girls can wear blue too!

Spring flower pretzels for classmates… another Pinterest find!

I’m so glad I have these guys to fancy up my (very messy) garage.  It wouldn’t be the same with a bare wall!


Tuesday’s Reflection

My times are in your hands.
Psalm 31:15

“It is never too late to spend time on the important things.  It is never too late to do what makes you happy.  There is always time to look around and see something beautiful.  The secret to using time well is not secret at all.  It is summed up in the Alcoholics Anonymous slogan:  One day at a time.  This is not only the best we can do, but the careful design of a Creator who knew what our needs are and how to meet them.  Some of us (ME!!) will need to adapt that slogan to:  One minute at a time.  That’s okay.  This minute is a gift.  As someone said, that’s why we call it the present.”

Barbara Johnson:  Joy Breaks– 90 Devotions to Celebrate, Simplify and Add Laughter to Your Life, Page 242.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour around here means unlimited sunshine, crackers and vintage coloring books at the park!


Kissy Kissy


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We just finished St. Patty’s Day lunch!  The kiddos laughed and munched and had an absolute ball.   We enjoyed these printable JOKE cards!

Next we heading off for our annual TWO DOLLAR BILL DROP!  We started this tradition last year and it’s my favorite way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with kindness in mind.  The leprechaun kids “drop” these around town for strangers to find.  Whoever finds a “shamrock” gets a two dollar bill with this note:

TWO for YOU! 

If you find this Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

YES, it is real. 

YES, it is for you.  

ENJOY!   :)

Hope your day is MARVELOUS!