Tuesday’s Reflection

“God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us.”

St. Augustine

“Magic moments.  You’ve had them.  Chugging a bubbling soda after a hot day of outdoor work.  Holding a little child’s hand on a walk to the park or ice cream shop.

Every good and perfect moment like this is a gift to you from God.  Every one– even the ones that seem like happenstance or coincidence.  He sends these gifts to remind us all that He is still in control, and this His supply of love and kindness will never run dry.

These gifts also remind us to keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open for the blessings, large and small, that await us in the future.  

The next time God drops one of these blessings on your tongue, take time to savor it, enjoy it.”

God has a Plan B; page 89 (Scott Degelman and associates)

God’s gifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for me.  Silly mismatched socks that made me smile and art time around the kitchen table are treasures.  Precious gifts I don’t want to overlook.

I pray that I can fully open my eyes to the everyday gifts that fill my world.  I pray that I can give praise and thanks to the One who provides the reason for my smiles.

Blessings to you!



A picture a day for her first year!



Hugs and kisses from Frankie!


Getting in the mood

for some St. Patty’s Day action around here!!


1. St. Patty’s Cookies   2. Leprechaun Hat Snacks   3. Blaisey!   4. St. Patty’s Shop   5. Little Leprechaun Buffet   6. Pot-O-Gold (flower pot with gold painted rocks)   7. Leprechaun Bank (feed him gold/pennies)   8. Littlest Leprechaun

Tonight I’m planning Larry-the-Leprechaun’s calendar.  Starting in March Larry sneaks in each night and leaves the kiddos notes and surprises.  Of course he is a sneaky little fella and the kiddos have yet to be able to make a trap to catch him.  Mason thinks his trap this year will be “the one!”


Baby Announcement

Template via Oh Snap!



I still have one more design to share with you!  Yes, I made several different styles… I couldn’t pick just ONE!!


Thank You Cards

Frankie’s Thank Yous!

Template via Bird Designs!


Tuesday’s Reflection

I thought I would start a new blog tradition.  Each Tuesday I’ll share a short reading that has touched my heart.  I hope you’ll feel encouraged and uplifted.  Today’s reading is brought to you by Frankie!!

Humility is not so much about trying to be “good” as accepting that I am imperfect.  For too long I thought that humility was “keeping the peace,” appearing to be “perfect”, bottling up my anger and resentments—living a life of “people-pleasing.”

Today I understand that humility is being real.  It is accepting my humanity and being honest in my relationships.  Humility is respecting the lives of others but also respecting my own.  Humility is seeking to reveal that divinity that God has given to my life.  Humility is knowing that in the lives of my fellow man– the good and the bad— is me.

Father Leo Booth: Say Yes To Life, Page 46



Inspiration via Inchmark!

If I was a president I would have one “peace” of candy each day!

Abe’s Cabin

Washington & Lincoln via Fairy Dust Teaching

Penny Experiments


Polishing Pennies via PBS Kids

Future Presidents!  :)

Hope you had a lovely President’s Day weekend!


Time for Tea

The kiddos invited their favorite dolls and stuffed animals to tea on Valentine’s Day.

I set out all the fixings and they entertained their “friends” all afternoon.

 Frankie doesn’t like tea… as you can see she prefers milk.

In no time she will be joining in all the fun.  For now she is just content watching all the fun (and chaos)!!

Wishing you a beautiful day!!