Valentine Favorites

Classic Animal-tines!  The Zookeeper is my favorite. [Circa 2011]

Whoooo Loves YOU??  [Circa 2011]

Teeny Tiny Top Secret Valentines! [Circa 2009]

Happy Valentine’s Day to EWE!  Idea via [HERE!]

Hogs and Kisses!  [Circa 2010]

“Justin Time”  [Circa 2011]

My Heart Melts for You! OR Here’s the scoop Valentine— You are COOL!  Idea via [HERE!]

Sound the Alarm– You are the BEST Teacher Around! [Circa 2011]

Mason’s pick!  “Vintage” (1980s) Hallmark Charlie Brown SCENTED Valentines.  I love that they were sealed in their original package and they still had their scent.

 Scrap Valentines

Happy Heart Brownies [Circa 2011]

It’s okay to be CHEESY and a little bit kooky on Valentine’s Day!  (and EVERYDAY!)


It’s snowing again!

Hooray for any kind of snow we can get.  Inside! Outside! LOVE IT ALL!

I eventually got our Christmas snow flakes all hung up.  I guess they are more like Valentine’s Day snowflakes now!


20 Down

Heart Balloon

It’s just too cold to play outside these days!

But that is okay because we have lots and lots of VALENTINES to cut, paste and paint!

Our goal is to make 50 Valentine’s for a nursing home before Valentine’s Day.

20 down!  30 to go!

Heart balloon inspired by Jessica Wilson’s incredibly adorable Valentine  {HERE}  She has a step-by-step tutorial!   Q-tip technique via THIS  fantastic blog.

I’m keeping a little chocolate box of dazzle handy so the kids can make hearts whenever they strike a fancy!




[Weekly Bit & Bobs]

…I adore Mason’s new orange, blue and green smile.

…Frankie’s colic is getting BETTER!  A sweet friend recommended this sleeper for her and it has made a colossal difference.

…My oldest “baby” is sixteen!!  SIXTEEN!  16!!  It’s bittersweet.  I’m sure you’ve noticed he doesn’t like to make blog appearances… but I’m hoping I can convince him to do a birthday photo shoot for me someday soon.

…I’ve been working on thank you notes!  I’m behind.  Hope you know how much I love and appreciate the special gifts you’ve sent along.

…I took my girls (I have TWO now!) out antiquing today.  I bought a library style file cabinet. It’s REALLY ugly and I REALLY love it.  I can’t wait to fill it with art supplies!

…I want to make everything on my Valentine’s pin board.  EVERYTHING!  It’s not happening, but it’s fun to dream.

…I love this quote from Isaac Bashevis Singer… “Life is God’s novel.  Let Him write it.”


2 Ingredients & 3 Minutes!

This afternoon I  whipped up white-chocolate-cherry-fudge WHILE I was fixing lunch for the kiddos.  It’s so easy you can do it one handed!  It took three, maybe four minutes (and a little extra time to wrap them up all pretty!!)

Idea and Recipe via Cookies and Cups!

I packaged a napkin with the fudge so it’s ready-to-devour.  Whoever invented CD sleeve treats is pretty cool, don’t ya think?!


This is the miracle that happens…

This is the miracle that happens

every time to those who really love;

the more they give, 

the more they possess.

Rainer Maria Rilke


All in a days work

All in a days work-

wake up, eat, play, play some more,

shop, read, take pictures,

paint, tend to crying baby, buy goldfish…


REPEAT with a smile!!!

Around here an exciting adventure means a trip to the pet store!

Who knew that 29 cent gold fish could bring so much JOY!?

 No joke— they woke up at 4:30 in the morning with eager anticipation to bring home their new “pets”!!

So many books, so little time!

In the Target parking lot.  He is getting braces soon!

That is about as exciting as it gets around here!!


Family Love Notes

I just unpacked our family love notes box!!

We made this from a Capri Sun Juice box.

This year I’m going to add little envelopes so that the kids can properly seal and deliver their love notes.

We hand out and read ALL our warm fuzzies during our not-so-fancy Valentine’s Day dinner.


As I was unpacking our February-Box-O-Fun I remembered our heart umbrella—

Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long-suffering, bearing with one another, and forgiving one another… but above all things put on love.  

Colossians 3:12-14 (nkjv)

 Isn’t that a lovely bible verse to keep close to our hearts during this season of LOVE?!

Hearts and love and happiness to you!