Isn’t this a precious little pink crown? (Thank you ADRIANE!)

Size comparison!! Frankie sleeping next to my 9.5 shoes.

Waking up next to this sweet-breathed bundle is like a dream.

The big kids have to draw numbers to see who gets to hold her first.  Lots of fighting going on here!  Lots of loving too!

She is spending about 75% of her days sleeping and the other 25% nursing. Maybe toss in a percentage or two for tears and diaper changes!?

Thank you Heavenly Father

for these hazy days.

I’m not sure if it is day or night.

But I know you are in control.

My heart is full of gratitude.

May I never forget what an absolute 

honor & privilege it is raise these precious children.

Help me be the mother You would have me be.

Love, Me



Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

Circa 2010:  Snowball fight survival kits!  Original post HERE.


Circa 2009:  Inside each pastry bag is peppermint hot cocoa mix + a mini accordion photo card.

Circa 2009:  Okay, this isn’t really edible, but almost!  Tucked inside each coffee cup is a Starbucks gift card… Tags via Heather Ann

Circa 2009:  Gingerbread House in a Jar!  I think this makes for a fun gift for local friends, because they can enjoy a little Christmasy decor and then use the glass jar all year long!  Original idea via Martha Stewart Magazine

Circa 2009:  Headless gingerbread cookie!! hehehehe… that’s what happens before we can give away most edible GIFTS around here!


40,406 Minutes Until…


Tis the season for

Christmas stories beneath the tree

sticky candy cane kisses


“blanket” sleigh rides on the living room floor!

28 days

1 hour

25 minutes

52 seconds


loving, creating, and celebrating the most WONDEROUS time of the year!

[2007-2008 Favorites]

Blaise’s expression here makes me laugh!

I hope you feel the warm love of Christ in your heart as you prepare for this season!!!


Hospital Stay

Frankie helped me order room service every day!  How can you beat breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed?

Here she is in front of the menu.

She didn’t get around to wearing her hospital outfits.

Too tired to help me fill out all the paper work!

“I’m a GIRL” card from her hospital bassinet.

Don’t even think about leaving a photographer alone with a sleeping baby in a hospital room for three days!    I had an absolute ball in hospital.  After such a scary delivery, I savored and enjoyed all the quiet moments alone with Frankie.  The nursing staff was out-of-this world exceptional.  I’m hoping to send them a great big THANK YOU BOX once I can put something special together.

1.  In my lap  2.  Newspaper for the day after she was born   3.  My birthing basket   4.  Sleepy head!

Frankie’s birthday was a hard, yet beautiful day.  We moved from the birthing center to the hospital for an emergency c-section because I suffered from an ovarian torsion and placental abruption.  The pain was unreal. I am forever thankful that God orchestrated my labor and delivery so beautifully– Frankie is healthy!!  I am recovering!!  I will always remember her birthday as a miracle.  I never want to forget the hand of our amazing God in all of these moments. 

 Thank you all for your loving prayers and wishes!


Meeting Frankie





Really really thankful.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving celebration filled with EVERYTHING you are thankful for!



Someone new is coming to Thanksgiving dinner!

Frances Marie

joined our family on

November 18th

at 10:49 AM

These are pics from my hospital bed!  We took a unexpected trip from the birthing center to the hospital on Friday, but everyone is home now.   Frankie is healthy and we are all insanely happy!

Our hearts are about to burst with joy and graditude.


Getting ready to do the GOBBLE!

This is such a glorious time of the year!  Thankful hearts and gratitude ALL AROUND!!!  We aren’t taking on many new Thanksgiving Day projects around here, but you can bet the kids are eager to pull out some of our favorite oldies this week.  Mason had the Turkey Dice Game out the day after Halloween.

Here is a little collection of some of our favorite Turkey treats and games!  More crafty projects from last year: HERE!

Apple Turkey Treat  Idea Via Little Page Turners

Turkey Color Bingo  Ida Via HERE!

Gobble Breakfast Idea Via Family Fun Magazine

Turkey Roll  Kiddo Dessert & Math game all in ONE!

Kiddo Made Cupcakes  Idea via Pillsbury

Kid’s Table  Each bag has ink pads, stamps and art supplies to decorate the table.  Idea via Sweet Paul!

 Preschool Projects  Circa 2009

Race to FILL YOUR PLATE game!  Each card has a food item or special instruction (pick your favorite dish, select a food item from another player, etc).  First one to have a full Thanksgiving plate of food wins!

Wishing you many blessings this week before THANKSGIVING!


Take pictures that make you HAPPY!

Since I started blogging the motto I have tried to live by is…


There are so many photographs that fall into the “need to take” or feel “obligated to take”  catogory. I’ve come to a place where I have stopped taking those pictures.  I want to focus on the JOY behind the image as much as the final result.

Ansel Adams once said, “A good photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels.”

It sure feels good to enjoy the simple joys of FALL.

 It sure feels good to be imperfect, loved, and free to take whatever pictures makes me smile!

 It sure feels good to live and photograph a world in which I get to see God’s miracles unfold daily.

This was her first taste of snow in 2011.  Happiness!

 The last colors of FALL!  Happiness!

I’m so thankful God has allowed me to express a small slice of my happiness here, with you.

Wishing you mountains of HAPPY pictures!