9 Things

9 ridiculously cheesy (and absolutely unnecessary!) things I can’t live without on HALLOWEEN!!!

1.  My Favorite Vintage Trick-or -Treat Cookie Cutters


2.  Silly Glow in the Dark Tees


3.  Halloween Hand Soap & Trick or Treat Tissues


4.  Spiders, Pumpkins and Tutus


 5.  Cheesey Puff Jack-o-Lantern Treats (idea via Pinterest)


6.  Face Painting Parties & Carmel Apple Wraps


7.  Annual Cow Train Rides


8.  Pesky Little Monster Brothers


9.  and last but NOT least… these

Boo-tiful undies!  heheheheh!

  My littles are all tucked into bed after a festive night.  I feel like I’m going to POP from a serious candy overload!!  Tomorrow I’m going to start packing away all these decorations.  Won’t be long and we wil start preparing for YOU KNOW WHAT (starts with a C and ends with an S)!

 I hope you had a marvelous and safe evening!


Pet Gorilla

Last of our COSTUMES this year!

Big Brother & Little Sister!

AKA the zoo keeper and her pet gorilla.

 “Kiddo-picked” costumes!!


Fall Gingerbread Houses

Every year before Halloween we try to whip up a few HAPPY HOUSES (our version of Haunted Houses)!!  Someday I’ll learn out to bake REAL gingerbread, but for now cinnamon graham crackers work just perfect.  Mason thinks he is going to eat his house on Halloween.

Each time I asked Blaise to “hold a house for a picture” this is what happened—-

OPPPS!!!  He went through two houses!!!

See the big pile of candy?  He added ALL that to the base of his house and called it a “pile of leaves.”

The accidental house smasher—

He looks the part doesn’t he??

ENJOY all your FALL FUN!


Do YOUR Laundry!

Our ultra creative and kind neighbors made this washing machine costume last year!!

 It was really neat— the front was designed to blow bubbles and hold blue soapy water.  Sadly this washer might have to spend Halloween in the repair shop.  Cardboard boxes can only last so long.  Mason didn’t mind that it was leaking!

One of my tricks is for each little kid to have TWO costumes each.  One mama pick and one kid pick!  Then we can all be CREATIVE with our crazy ideas and we have back up for parties and costume malfunctions.

I can’t believe October 31st is just a weekend away.

Last shot of the CLEAN and FRESH team—

Snuggle Costume!

Snuggles the Bear!

Emerson’s candy collector is the liquid Snuggle bottle. When she squeezes the handle it pops open for goodies!  I can’t wait to dive into all the candy after trick-or-treating!!  This baby in my belly needs some SNICKERS. mmmmmm mmmmmm!


Bob Ross

 Yes, for Halloween this year Blaise is dressing up as none other than BOB ROSS!  This costume just makes me giggle!  I’m sure a lot of folks won’t have a clue, but for real Bob fans this costume might bring a smile!  If you aren’t familiar with Bob, he is truly a unique character.  Here he is on Wiki… don’t ya see the similarities?

 Blaise calls his costume BOB the PAINTER! 

[Bob’s Candy Collector]

Blaise painted the “Happy Tree” and I added the frame from Goodwill.  This might be my favorite part of the costume!

“There are no such things as accidents… only happy little mistakes!”

Bob Ross

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is THE fall flick in our house.  Charlie and his pals are huge cause for celebration around here!  Only Peanut’s Thanksgiving and Christmas movies can compete.

Yesterday we had our annual movie and treat night!!!

You’ll NEVER guess what Mason requested seconds off?!

Lettuce for Linus.  No kidding!  I think the ranch dip helped a bit.

If you’ve seen this movie you might remember Charlie’s costume!?  Next year I think we will add rock candy in honor of poor Charlie’s trick-or-treating.

I loved this movie as a kid and I’m so thankful that it’s still around for my kiddos to enjoy!


Pumpkin Patchin

 Can’t tell you how much we love pumkin patchin!  It’s definitely one of our favorite Fall activities.

Blaise has been going to this pumpkin patch since BEFORE he was born!!  Mason has been wearing the same skeleton shirt for just as long.