Annual Whip Cream Fight

 Seven years and counting!

We are still going strong.

This summer tradition is definitely a KIDDO favorite.

Pops, my dad, is blame for the madness because he started this tradition when I was a kid!




Message in a Balloon!


“Hey kids I have a HUGE SURPRISE for you!!!!

Inside each balloon you will find a letter or a treat.  

Pop the balloons to spell out your SURPRISE MESSAGE!”


 Their big surprise was—

 MOMMY is going to have a BABY!!!

Our new little person is due December 9th.

Now that is cause for celebration.

Whoooo hoooo!!!!


{Fun With} Bugs

[Build-A-Bug Tray]

 [Little Hands Butterfly] 

Remember making these in preschool when you were a wee one???  This framed version from Not So Idle Hands is absolutely adorable!!


 The caterpillar becomes a butterfly!

Make a cacoon.  It’s hard work!


 1.  Clothes Pin Fireflies idea via Busy Bee Crafts   2.  Bee Number Munchers  Odd or Even?   3.  Arachnid or Insect?   4.  Caterpillar to Butterfly   5.  Cheapy Bug Mugs   6.  Caterpillar Letters


 [The -UG family Bug]

Come Halloween I think we need to do an entire week with SPIDERS!

[Peanut Butter & Craker Critters]

Many eons ago we created and celebrated bumble bees!  {HERE}   You can find more crafts and ideas on that post.




Fly Swatter Painting!!




 This idea via Teacher Tom was the perfect finale to our Week-O-fun.

Bet you can tell what we have been busy with this week…  BUGS!

ENJOY your messy and creative summer days!!


Frog Spit

Summer is

frog spit

red sweaty cheeks

patty-cake in the park

impromptu hikes


red tricycle & inch worm races






Little Loom

Ever since Mason came home from school with this little loom set he has been interested in SEWING activities!  His Grammy gave him lessons when he was on vacation and he even asked for a SEWING machine for his birthday.  I love that he doesn’t discriminate— from sports to sewing he loves it all!

He teaches me more than I could ever teach him.

A New Chapter


As long as we have been a family, we have been a military family.  

After 20 years and 6 months of active duty service, Randy will be retiring from the ARMY!!

  I am so proud of him. 

What an honor it is to be married to guy that lives and breaths his commitment to freedom and this country.



Army life has been incredibly rewarding, but it sure hasn’t been easy.

Years and years of separation.

Long lonely nights.

Babies missing their daddy.

Unimaginable stress.

This won’t be a sad good-bye.

We are so excited to start the next chapter!


Still, as we celebrate, my aches for the families who are currently separated.  As you read this perhaps you’d join me in offering prayers for the military kids and their loved ones who are hurting or struggling!!     




52 Smiles: July’s Challenge

July’s challenge is to surprise someone with handmade


Pick someone (ANYONE!) from your address book and surprise them with some art that will make them smile!  If you can’t think of anyone who would really appreciate a kid-made masterpiece contact a local retirement home and ask who might like to receive a special surprise in the mail.  Don’t forget to decorate the OUTSIDE of your envelope! 

This SPLAT ART card from the ultra kind and creative kids at FAMILIES ARE FUN made us smile for DAYS!!! Have you ever seen a cuter lion??

If you are new here, 52 Smiles is a year long project were we intentionally do one out-of-the-ordinary act of kindness each week!