{Fun With} Sesame Street

Everything about SESAME STREET makes me smile! 


Pet Rock Place… made from recycled waffle box! 


 We had to find a tape player for a little OLD SCHOOL music!  


 Sunny Day Sweepin’ the clouds away

On my way to where the air is sweet

1.)  Duct Tape Word Wallet idea via Babble    2.)  The kiddos absolutely adore The Sesame Street Book Treasury Series (’71-’83).  Their favorite section is sign language.   3.)  We googled how to draw Sesame Street characters for step-by-step how tos   4.)  Toddler Numbers with Count!  


Sesame Street Scribbles idea via this card on Split Coast Stampers. 


Scribble. Cut. Paste.


Waaaay back in ’09 we did a COOKIE MONSTER learning celebration HERE. 


I can’t possibly pick a favorite character…  but OSCAR, BERT & ERNIE and BIG BIRD might top my list. 

Mason’s favorite is Grover! 

Emerson is a Big Bird fan!

Blaise, of course, adores…


Cookie Monster Catch was the finale of our adventures.  Nothing makes the kids happier than water balloons on hot summer night.   


Come and PLAY…  Everything is A-OKAY 

Friendly Neighbors there… that where we meet 

 Can you tell me how to get… how to get to Sesame Street  


I hope your day is a sweet as the ALL the days on Sesame Street!


7 Sunny Day Activities

1.  Make a cardboard box ice cream stand!   Here.


2.  Treat dollies to lunch & a book under a sunny sky!  (2010)


3.  Go on a HAPPY HUNT!  Hide smiley faces in the neighborhood and see who can find the most!  Here.   


4.  Host an outside ART GALA!  Mom and dad bid on their favorite preschool materpieces.  (2010) 


5.   TOO hot to have an afternoon picnic??  How ’bout a breakfast picnic?  


6.  Make an outdoor fishbowl!  Jumping, swimming and “catching fish” optional!  (2010)  Here.   


7.  Make a unmeltable banana split! Cotton balls + Paper Scraps + Real Sprinkles  (2010)




7 Rainy Day Activites

Rainy day

 OR too hot to play?

Here are seven of our indoor favorites! 


1.) Rip & Recycle an old phone book!


2.) Make a wacky Mr. POTATO Head!


3.)  Create a Corny Word Search


4.) Design an Address Practice Book!  

(Kiddos get to practice writing their address in a special “book” using those pesky magazine inserts.)


5.)  Dream up and munch on a funky fruit character!  {Go-Away-Green-Monster Fun HERE!}


6.) Paint with PASTA!  We haven’t done this in YEARS so I think it’s time to bring out the spaghetti again.


7.)  Make a Magnetic Cookie Sheet Game!  {Here}






Happy Pop’s Day! Happy Daddy’s Day!



Happy Father’s Day!!!!



Spa Night

While the boys were out fishin Emerson and I had some GIRLY time!!

We whipped up some face makeup by mixing baby shampoo and dab gel food coloring. 

 Her dolls got the FULL treatment! 

I’m so thankful I have a little lady in my life!!  Her enthusiasm for girly things is so much fun.   

I’m not sure if her dollies appreciated their make-overs, but Emerson sure enjoyed every single second. 


Mini Kindness Kits

Look what the kids and I have been packaging up for all the 52 Smiles folks. 

We wanted to send a special THANK YOU gift to all who have been working at spreading kindness!! 

Each Mini Kit Contains:

Try a Little Kindness Stickers

If you find this it’s for YOU!  Tags

Have a Nice Day Tags

Mini Note Card

I’m a Kind Kid! Stickers

If YOU are a 52 SMILES participant email me your address (katherinesmail1  AT  yahoo.com or use the contact button above)  before Saturday, June 18th.  Please send me your address even if I already have you on file, with KINDESS KIT in the subject line.

I will send off all mini kits on Thursday, June 23rd.  So depending on where you live in the world… your kit should arrive shortly thereafter!  I have enough kits for EVERYONE who originally signed up in Janurary and I may have some extras— so email me even if you’ve been silently participating!       

***A huge and heartfelt thank you to my generous & sensational friend, Christina Williams (her BLOG HERE) who created these for us!***  

If you are new here you’ll find more about 52 Smiles Here! 



***Edited 6/19:  THANK YOU for your interest and participation in 52 SMILES!  ALL KITS are gone now!  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!!   :):) 

Teddy Bear Tea

“A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur…”  –Pam Brown


“A bear teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn’t matter much if an ear drops off.”
-Helen Exley


That’s the last of our BEAR week-o-fun!


Little Porridge Party

Our little porridge party for TWO!


My motto is that if we have an extra 20 minutes, we have time for a PARTY!!  

 Summer-time is officially PARTY-time.  

 I love the silly and sweet moments we celebrate everyday.