5 Things to Celebrate {April}

1.  Being able to take photographs OUTSIDE again!  YESSSS!


2.  Earth Day!


3.  Paper Projects! 


4.  Egg Hunting!!


5.  Love & Kisses [for DADDIO’s Birthday]    


Good-bye RAIN!  Hello SUNSHINE!  







Coloring on Wallpaper

Be careful going in search of adventure—

it’s ridiculously easy to find.

William Least heat Moon

Do whatever you do intensely.

Robert Henri

Life is infinite creative play:

enjoyment and participation in this creative play

is the artist’s profound joy.

Alex Gray

Follow what you love! 

Don’t design [create, photograph, make] to ask what “they”

are looking for out there. 

Ask what YOU have inside. 

Follow not your interest,

which changes, but what you are

and what you love

which will never change.

Georgie Anne Geyer




The ressurection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over NO MATTER WHAT my circumstances!  

Rober Flatt



Thank God for this day where we can celebrate second chances, NEW LIFE and God’s love and power! 

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL Easter Day!!!

The Baskets Have Landed {2011}

 Emerson’s basket is a vintage high chair for her dollies.  Can you resist the pink party chicks and the old Tutti paper dolls!?  I can’t wait to play tomorrow!


It’s been a crazy RAINY week.  So glad to have a sunny day to snap some pics and finish our last minute Easter prep!    


Green for the teen.  


My dad supplied us with lots of antique books and toys to fill the tool chest for Blaise!  THANKS POPS!!!   


Mason’s blue picnic basket!



Crazy for Coloring!

Snap shots from our number one FAVORITE activity of the season!   

Bunny Lollipops

Sweet treats for classmates! 


Easter Time Faves

Hippity Hop.  Easter is on it’s way! 

Farm Fresh Eggs!

Tis the season for EGG crafts!!

Our farm animal eggs were inspired by the darling “Grandpa Gregg” Egg at Family Fun

Hope you are enjoying lots of EGG ART this weekend.