Little People Cake

The little girl on the left reminds me the birthday girl!! 


Faces of Four



“Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside.”   Margaret Walker



[felt envelope + confetti + birthday letters]



Birthday Girl– THANK YOU for making us big on the inside! 

5 things

that make me SMILE!


1.  Antique Baby Dolls

2.  My Monster I-Pad Cover

3.  Gathering Girly Things for Emerson’s Bday

4.  Kiddo Stationary

5.  BINGO!


 Hope your day is filled with lots of simple things that make you smile!

It’s Okay

6 Things I’ve Learned Here 

It’s okay to take pictures of dirty faces. Real life is pretty darn beautiful. 

It’s okay to blog a lot.  It’s okay to blog a little.    

It’s okay to dream & play here.  My creative playground doesn’t need rules.         

It’s okay to take pictures of yogurt cups.  Someday I will look back at the little ordinary things with a happy heart.       

It’s okay to be me.  No right way. No wrong way.

It’s got to mean something to me.  Then, and only then, it might me something to you. 




Inspiration Overload!

Have you discovered PINTEREST yet??!

If not, RUN DON’T WALK and go explore immediately!  Pinterest, in its simplest form, allows us visually categorize and organize EVERYTHING wonderful we find online.  I think this platform will transform the way we explore blogs, share creativity and interact with other like minded artists. 

I’m only a week in and I’m officially HOOKED!

My Pinterest Link:



A Couple Tips for Pinterest Newbies—

…You need a facebook or twitter account to join.  I caved and opened a twitter account (which I’ll never use)  just so I could sign up!    

…You don’t need to “join” to search and enjoy all the inspiration boards that others have created.

…Initially I couldn’t figure out what ‘request an invite’ meant?!  Ya, I’m a little slow at this.  I thought it was used to request permission to view a user’s page (like facebook).  Nope.  ‘Request an invite’ simply means ‘sign me up!’  You don’t need a “special invitation”– anyone can join! 

…If you are interested in what has been “pinned” (aka bookmarked) from your own blog— of your 

…When you follow a user, every new pin they bookmark will appear on your Pinterest home page.  You may follow a specific board to narrow your focus!

 …You can pin from all sorts of sources… use your own photographs to share with the world OR pin lovely inspiration from other blogs and websites.  



Let me know if you have a Pinterest page!  I would love to see what inspires you! 


52 Smiles: March’s Challenge

Hi 52 Smile Folks!

  Let’s spread some smiles with BOOKS!!!   


1.  I love THIS IDEA!!!! via Jodiefied   

2.  Attach a ribbon and note to an inspirational book.  Leave it for a stranger to find and enjoy!  We used 365 Ways to Live Happy: Simple Ways to Find Joy in Everyday for our surprise-a-stranger gift.          

3.  Go through your kid’s library and collect books that they have outgrown.  Deliver books to a kids play area, local shelter or children’s hospital.  

4.  If your children attend public school you are sure to see lots of book orders!  Have your child select an extra book or two.  Request that your donation be used for a student who needs a pick-me-up.      

5.  Host your own “book drive” and round up a nice collection of books from family and friends.  Deliver books to a retirement community or nursing home.  

6. Locate a place in your community where you can volunteer to read to someone!  Share your voice.  



If you are new here, 52 Smiles is a year long project were we intentionally do one out-of-the-ordinary act of kindness each week. 

Read more: HERE  We would love to have you join in with us.  You can start YOUR 52 at ANYTIME!  



Let me know how your BOOK LOVE goes!  xoxoxoxox


St. Patty’s Day Style Kindness!

Two for YOU!

We are ALL set for TOMORROW! 

To celebrate St. Patty’s the leprechauns are going to “drop” some these around town!  

We hope whoever finds “a lucky shamrock” will get a laugh or two.  


Back of flag reads:  TWO for YOU!  If you find this Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  YES, it is real.  YES, it is for you.  ENJOY!   :)

I can’t believe we are on WEEK 11 of 52 SMILES

 I have a kindness challenge coming SOON! I better get moving. Before we know it will be APRIL.  How is that possible?  



{Fun With} Rainbows II

1.  Treasuring Hunt Finds  Later we used these for all sorts of projects– sensory bottles, collages, sorting games   2.  Rainbow Stick Puppet   3.  Spelling and Counting Board  (modge podge + heavy canvas)   4.  Classic Preschool Thumb Print Rainbow     


1.  Roll a Rainbow Dice Game   2.  More Rainbow “work”


[RAINBOW Art Buffet!]



1 & 3.  Colorful Pasta   2.  Rainbow Pasta Art   3.  Rainbow Addition  



Everything is more fun in COLOR! 

RAINBOW RICE RECIPE:  Teach Preschool  (colored & scented, oh my!!!)

RAINBOW PASTA RECIPE:  Brilliant Beginnings



 Favorite snaps from the week:



Wishing you a SPRING and St. Patty’s Day with more rainbows than you can count!