Keeping it alive.

[Christmas Eve Day:  Bell Ringing with Pat.] 


It seems so easy to spread cheer and goodwill throughout December.  

It’s like Christmas is the perfect excuse for kindness and generosity.  I want to keep that excuse alive.  Our RACK activities changed my life, forever.  I found that without exception kindness breads kindness.  Sometimes completing an act of kindness from our felt awkward.  Sometimes it was hard to get motivated.  Sometimes it was fun (above).   Everytime it was WORTH IT. 

 I found the more I gave, the more I wanted to give. 

The more I gave the happier I became.         

The key for me was to listen and focus on GOD, set aside my own will and selfish desires and ask Him to guide.  A couple days into RACK, a lady with tears in her eyes hugged me and said,

“My husband just passed away.  This will be our first Christmas without him. 

You don’t know how much this means to me.  Thank you.”

Surely that had nothing to do with me.  That was God and I got to go along for the ride.   

 My plan this year is to do one INTENTIAL ACT OF KINDNESS each week.   I’m not sure how it will unfold, but (at least) once a week we are going to do something OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY to touch someone else and make them smile.   

52 Acts.

Keeping it alive.


Simple Joys {Christmastime 2010}

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow we wake to the miracle of Christmas!

On this special eve I’d like to share with you a beautiful reflection from 

Mother Teresa– 


At Christmas, we see Jesus as a

little babe— helpless and poor.

And He came to love and be loved.

How can we love Jesus in the world today?

By loving Him in

my husband, my wife, my children

my brothers and sisters, my parents,

my neighbours and the poor.

Let us gather around the poor crib in Bethlehem

and make a strong resolution that

we will love Jesus in all those we meet every day.


Happy Christmas!!! 




Early Gifts

This afternoon we played with some

EARLY Christmas gifts.

Cookies from Texas! 

Gingerbread aprons from Illinois!



As I type this we have exactly

1,523 minutes until Christmas.

Enjoy EVERY SINGLE one of them!

I love a MESSY house!

A messy house is a HAPPY house, especially at Christmastime!!


Christmas Card + OUTTAKES!

What do you get when you mix a

14 year old St. Nick,

a 6 year old mini St. Nick, 

a 3 year old Christmas tree

and a 2 year old elf?? 



9 out of 10 of my Christmas card photo attempts look like this:


The truth is that the outtakes make me smile as much as the ones where everyone is calm and looking at the camera! 

I consider my time a success if out of hundreds of images I get ONE I absolutely love. 


My favorites and our cards this year:   


“Sharing with you the miracle of new hope and new life through the glorious gift of Christ our Lord!”



Giving Cheer


Rack Day 17:  Handing out chocolates and candy canes to folks sending off their CHRISTMAS CARDS!


I’m pretty sure it’s the

 simplest things

that we will remember

when we think of  our favorite

CHRISTMAS joys.   



 ST. Nick Waiting 2010

  [2009 Here] 



{Theme of the Week} Nativity

[Gingerbread Nativity]


[Watercolors + Cardboard + Clothes Pins]


[Recycled Nativity Set:   Manger=Altoid Tin,  Baby Jesus=Spool,  Mary & Joseph=Medicine Bottles,  Shepards & Wise Men=Spice Bottles] 


[OH Come Let us Adore HIM!] 

And the WORD became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of the Father’s only Son, full of grace and truth.  John 1:14


[Nativity ABC Match]


Through stories, art and play we celebrate HEART of CHRISTMAS!!  The little wooden set (center) was handcrafted by my dear friend Heather.    



Nativity Inspiration Via:

AOK Corral  The GINGERBREAD Nativity Set (above)

Thoughts of Esme  The most adorable sweet cheeked wise men and story book!

Ministry to Children  Lessons for little ones using each of the nativity characters. 


You can find me over here today— GAIL’s 12 Days of CHRISTmas.  

  I wish you a peaceful and beautiful week as you celebrate HIS wondrous LOVE!