Little Stationary Set

I’m checkin off my GIFT LIST. One-by-one!

This is one of my favorite gifts to give! 

Don’t you just love old-school, library style stamps??  I added evenvelopes, cardstock, happy tape and twine to make a little personalized gift set.  Perfect for sketches or notes to grandma!   

Hope you are having fun creating-packing-sending perfect gifts for everyone on your list!



Christmas Tree Friday

No doubt about it one the best parts about the holidays

is unloading all the treasures from the Christmas boxes.

Out come the

Santa suits

nativity sets

homespun ornaments

memories, joy and wonder of years past…

What a grand time to savor and enjoy. 

I wish you beautiful days of Christmas preparation!


{RACK} Advent Calendar

Each day leading up to Christmas we have a mini-mission to spread a little joy!   

Random Act of Christmas Kindness!!

This year I wanted to do a countdown that would encourage my kids to GIVE, SERVE and HELP OTHERS.  As they celebrate by sharing small acts of kindness, I hope they will experience the true meaning of this glorious season. Each bag has the activity, supplies and treats.  During our dinner prayers we will pray for the people that we met or left notes/gifts for that day. 

I can’t imagine a more simple and fun way to experience the MAGIC and JOY Christmas.


Advent Activities:

 1st    Take a set of holiday books and leave at a mall play area

 2nd   Make a street pretty for Christmas (pick up roadside trash-Santa Style!)     

 3rd    Adopt a classroom in need (send holiday party treats & craft box)

 4th    Buy a hot cocoa or latte for Salvation Army bell ringers  (brrrrr—  it must get cold out there!)  

 5th    Purchase toys for kids in need

 6th    Tape candy canes and happy holiday notes to ATMS, vending machines…

 7th    Send of box of mittens and hats to a school

 8th    Offer to buy a pack of gum or mints for checkout clerk at grocery store

 9th    Bring peppermint mocha to daycare workers 

 10th  Donate Blood (K and Mom)

 11th   Hand out pretty Christmas flowers

 12th   Bake & deliver Christmas cupcakes to library employees

 13th   Set up a free gift wrap station!

 14th   Pay for santa pictures for someone at mall

 15th   Collect canned goods for food pantry

 16th   Pass out candy and spread cheer to folks mailing off their Christmas cards at the post office

 17th  Set up a “helping task force” —  take back shopping carts, hold open doors for rushed and weary shoppers… 

 18th   Leave small Christmas treats/gifts in shopping carts for folks to find

 19th    Take presents to hard working post office employees

 20th   Call animal shelter and find out what donations they need. Make a contribution & visit animals.

 21th   Leave basket of Christmas gifts on doorstep of a family that needs it

 22nd  Buy coffee for stranger at Starbucks

23rd   Leave present in mailbox for mail carrier

 Christmas Eve:   Take all night drug store employee a Christmas surprise  (because it’s no fun to work on Christmas Eve!)

 Christmas Day:   Deliver something special to folks who are working and/or recovering at local hospital

Isn’t couting down is HALF the fun?!!!

The Color of Gratitude


This is such an amazing time of year. 

Gratitude swirls all around us. 

 The challenge for me is to keep the color of gratitude alive in my all-day, everyday thinking. 



We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.  Cynthia Odic 



Thank you God for the

messes of toddlerhood, childhood and the teenage years.

Thank you for

crayons on the table, floor & bed, 

sticky faces and dirty toes,

smiles that greet me each morning,

and even permant sharpie on the couch.

Thank You for every part of this life. 



Anywhere is paradise.  It’s up to you.   Unknown



Re-framing plays a huge roll in my daily graditude— 

Kid screams uncontrollably in the store = “Thank you God for his healthy lungs that function and his stong will!”

Lunch that ended up on the floor, wall and table =  “Thank you God for all this food that nurishes their little bodies.”

6AM, tired, need sleep, kids AWAKE =  “What a way to wake up!  Thanks God for these morning hugs and all the energy and enthusiasmthis morning.”

Mounds of never ending laundry on the couch = “Thank You for all these clothes for my children!” 


The excursion is the same when I go looking for

 graditude and joy


complaints and misery. 


My prayer for this Thanksgiving week and always is gratitude, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I hope you are finding gratitude and joy EVERYWHERE!





Birthday Wagon

Blaise at Two:

Loves yogurt, cheese and all things sweet.


Adores playtime and storytime. 


Stands up for himself.

Crazy about butterfly kisses and tickles on his tummy.




The light of our days and the dream of our hearts.


The kiddos testing out the NEW WAGON:

{Theme of the Week} Gobble Gobble

A turkey a day

keeps the doctor away!


A Turkey a Day…

1.  Turkey Coin Bank  Recycled spice tin

2.  Turkey Color Bingo  Each turkey has a unique set of colors.  Fill your turkey feathers and BINGO (GOBBLE!!!) Via HERE 

3.  Water Color Turkeys   

4.  Hand Gobbler  Traced Hand Print +  Feathers + Clothes Pins (Via HERE)

5.  Eat more TOFU Ads!

6.  Turkey Dinner  Race  Mini board game made from paint chips.  Players race to fill their plates!   

7.  Turkey Farm  More math and color fun.



Trivia night has become a huge hit around here.  We are saving this weeks TURKEY TRIVIA for Thanksgiving Day!

Did you know…

 …that six hundred seventy-five MILLION pounds of turkey are eaten each Thanksgiving in the US?

…turkeys will have approximately 3,500 feathers at maturity?

…wild turkeys can fly for short distances up to 55 MPH?

…Turkeys have more protein than chicken or beef?

This weeks Trivia facts via University of Illinois Extension


Turkey Treats

1.  Edible Play-dough Turkeys  Fancy tooth pics+ Feathers + Preschool Peanut Butter Balls (Mix and chill 1 cup PB +  1 cup honey + 2 cups dry powdered milk)  I remember loving these when I was a preschooler.  They are incredibly tasty!  mmm mmm… I’d love to eat a couple dozen right now!

2.  Kid Style Turkey Cupcakes via Pillsbury

3.  Turkey Roll  Left-over Halloween candy math game!   

Gobble ON! 

One last Turkey fact— did you know that you know that on a quiet day you can hear turkeys gooble from over a MILE away? 

 and I thought it was loud around here!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities!



Golden Moments


Dear God,

Thank you for these golden moments

and the beauty of Autumn. 

Thank you for the joy that shines

through these children.  

Please help me to remember that You at work in ALL things.

Love, Me



If I go up to the heavens, you are there;

if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.

Psalm 139:8 NIV