Frankie’s Goo

Slimy, gooey, green.  Perfect for Halloween!  

My fave goo recipe comes from the Ultimate Cook of Kid Concoctions, by John E and Denita Thomas.  

 I’ve been meaning to blog about this book forever. It is my favorite RECIPE book, ever. 

Yes, that includes traditional, edible food! 


Three easy steps for gooey gross stuff:  

1.  In a medium bowl, mix 1 cup water, 1 cup white glue and 2 Tbs tempera paint (powdered or liquid)

2.  In a second bowl, mix 1 1/3 cups warm water and 4 tsp Borax 

3.  Pour glue soultion into second bowl.  Roll glue (do not mix) around a couple of times and lift out of Borax water  

4.  Gooey. Gross. Fun!

I currently have tattoo paint, fruity lip gloss and applesauce-cinnamon dough dog eared.  Can’t wait!  If only real cooking was this much fun. 



{Theme of the Week} Frankie

You know Frankie, right?


[Paint Chip Frankie]


 [Frankie’s Snack Lab]  Fork idea via these Brides of Frankensteins.  


[Frankie’s Feast & Feed the Frankenstein]


1.   Is Frankenstain Real?   2.  Finger Puppets for Five Little Frankensteins Jumping on the Bed   3.  Design a Frankenstein   4.  Paint a Frankie!




1.  Recycled coffee cups & old poker chips    2.  Lovable Green Guys    3.  Frankenstein’s HAPPY House    4.  Frankie’s Cookies



First Saturday of Autumn


Today the little ones donned costumes from our dress up box.

We hunted for our first round of perfect pumpkins.  

I cannot, for the life of me, imagine a more lovely way to spend a chilly September afternoon. ♥








We love YOU!

Dear Family and Friends,

We ♥ you!

Thanks for being YOU.

Thanks for making this world WONDERFUL!

It’s still in the 90s here.  Autumn will be her soon (in 39 minutes).

Hope your day is magnificent.


Kids in Indiana

4 3 2 1 Now!

Four years ago.  [September 2006]  Saying goodbye to Daddy.  His tour was 15 months.  Pregnant with Emerson. 


 Three years ago.  [September 2007]  Our baby girl!       


  Two years ago.  [September 2008]  The Boys!  Blaise was days from being born.  


  Last year.  [September 2009]  Blaise. 


Now.  [September 2010]  Today.

It’s my birthday!

If you’ve been following along here for a bit

you might remember that last year on my birthday

I had one special gift wish.

My goal was to celebrate my 38th birthday, by getting 38 people to join me in registering to become a


It’s been an extraordinary year.   A year of miracles, forgiveness and grace. 

But I did not make my goal.     

 I’d like to try again this year.  Now I need 39! 


I would be elated & honored for you to join me—


Spain:  Jose Carreras, Leukemia Foundation

Canada:  Canadian Blood Services

South Africa:  SABMR

Other Countries:  BMDW

Quick FAQs: My Original Post


A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of those who registered last year. 

Your love, kindness and generosity make my heart sing!!!



Cheap Entertainment

Sometimes I just need a reminder— 

 it doesn’t matter how much we spend at the store;

favorite toys are almost always free.     

Snail Mail Snippets


The BEST time

to explore the post office—- 


The Post Office is much more fun when you are free to run and skip and hide! 

And of coure, mama is free to take photos without looking like a complete and crazy fool.  



Go and send some SNAIL MAIL ♥ today!!