Future Pianist

The joy in photographing young ones is that 

I get to be present to infinite


Who will they become?

It’s so amazing to see Heaven’s newest designs

and dream about how they will influence the world. 

We wonder, with so many miraclulous testimonies around us, how we could escape God.  But somehow we do.  We live in an art gallery of divine creativity and yet are content to gaze only at the carpet.  {Max Lucado}

God must have created little ones to inspire us to dream.  What a gift to work and live amongst the most precious and beautiful art imaginable.   

Feeling Yellow & Thankful Today…

  Thank you to all the people in

in the world who are

always ten percent kinder

than they need to be.

Helen Exley


A Party to Make YOU…

S M I L E!!!!

If you’ve been following me along for a bit I’m sure you already know my ridiculously talented friend KATE BOGOT.

(remember her MARVELOUS MONSTER BASH?)  

She has done it AGAIN!! 


Kate’s details & colors just scream CHILDHOOD MAGIC!! 

Isn’t this every EIGHT YEAR OLD girl’s dream-come-true?  

I can just imagine how her daughter Izzy will recall this amazing time in her life.       

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday dear sweet Izzy!

I hope you year is filled with everything that makes you SMILE!






my children remind me how much goodness and love God put inside each and every one of us.  


There is in each of us so much goodness that if we could see its glow, it would light the world. 

 Sam Friend



He has been waiting

all summer for this.



{Theme of the Week} Picnic

P I C K   A   P I C N I C

1.  Pancake Picnic

2.  P B & J Picnic

3.  Painting Picnic

4.  Pretend Picnic

5.  Puppet Picnic

6.  Pizza Picnic

7.  Picnic Party

[Pretend Picnic]


[Painting Picnic]


1.  Puppet Picnic   2.  Picnic Post Its   3.  Pinic Game (via Mailbox Magazine)  4.  Pancake Picnic OJ


[Pizza Picnic & Pancake Picnic] 




As of today we officially have a high schooler, a kindergartener, a preschooler and an at homer! 



Jolly Orchards

Hidden away in the middle of nowhere (Coloma, Michigan) is a magical little farm called  Jolly Orchards.  

Where else can you ride an old timey Ferris wheel in the middle of a corn field?  

This picture makes me smile.

I loved my view from the top

 a giggling little girl by my side

  and cool breeze on my cheeks.

God’s gifts come in all sorts of packages. 

I sure enjoyed this one.      




Birthday Cupcakes