Aren’t children

the sweetest miracles of all?





Never a dull moment.

It was too hot to venture outside…  

and I suggested that we have a bit of fun in recycling an old phonebook.  

Oh my.

Best 30 minutes they’ve enjoyed in a long time!


Birthday Boy

{Six Things We Love About YOU}

  1. The little freckles on your nose
  2. Your infectious giggles
  3. Your never-ending ENERGY & ENTHUSIASM
  4. How you naturally make people feel special & adored
  5. Your willingness to try new adventures
  6. Your snuggles, kisses & hugs

{Six Things YOU Love}

  1. Staying Up Late
  2. Surprises!
  3. Chocolate Milk & Anything SWEET
  4. Balloons
  5. Board Games
  6. Taking Pictures with Mom’s Camera

 {Six things you said this year that I never want to forget}

  1. “Mom, I sure love life!  But when I die I want to be a in a garden next to YOU!”
  2. “Tough guys don’t need band-aids.”
  3. Me: “Mason, what are you proud of?”  Mason: “THESE!!!” (Pointing to his arm muscles)
  4. “I am IN LOVE with this dinner!”
  5. While eating his first artichoke of the season, “Mom, is this an animal?”
  6. “I sure love having you as a mom.”

{Six things YOU put on the menu for your ultra special BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST}

  1. Turkey Sausage
  2. Pickle Juice
  3. Hash Browns
  4. French Toast
  5. A Sugar Cookie
  6. Chocolate Milk

We LOVE you, Mason. Happy Happy 6th BIRTHDAY!

{Theme of the Week} Robots




Sweet Robots


Clockwise: 1.)  Our Love-Bot (Mini Cereal Box + Tin Foil + Painted Clothes Pins)   2.)  Matchbox Robot Treats   3.) Emerson-Bot   4.) Robot Suit (Dollar Store Car Sun Reflector Thingy)   5. Garage Sale Robot


Magnetic Robot Puzzle


Clockwise: 1.) Robot Count!  (Change out dominoes for different math problems!)   2.) Robot Down   3.  Mason-Bot   4.  Chalk-Bot


And of course we had to bring out ROBBY the COUNTING ROBOT from 09.  {Here}

Have a wonderful day!


I have such happy memories of KOA camping as a kid.  Last week I took the boys on a mini trip—–   

[L O V E]   1.) Feeding the Animals  2.)  Comfy, Air Conditioned Cabins  3.) These Awesome Trail Bikes  4.) Rosy Swimming Cheeks 



[L O V E]   1.) Wild Flowers  2.) Board Games after Smores  3.)  That Mason had his suitcase packed a week in advance!  4.)  The Bike Trail  5.)  Our Table 

WE sure did rough it didn’t we? 

Can’t wait to go back!


New Cards!


Cheerful Colors & Mini Envelopes & Tiny Ribbons— OH MY HAPPINESS!

I’m so tickled that the smashingly talented Christina Williams created these little lovelies for me.  Aren’t they cheerful?  I met Christina via Etsy almost four years ago?!  She is a design superstar and all-around amazing person.  You should see the Christmas cards she sends out every year. I really think she captured ‘my’ style here.  THANK you so very much Christina!   

Christina’s Blog: You Can Call Me Chris

This is summer.

Dirty Toes

Freckled Noses

Sippy Cups & Giggling

Daddy Loving

Tree Gazing


“Normal day let me be aware of the teasure you are.” M. J. Irion



“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”  Helen Keller



“Today is a perfect day for lying down and staring at the clouds and realizing how beautiful life truly is.”   Unknown



“I will go to the alter of God, to God who is my joy and happiness.”  Psalm  43:4


The Paris


I hope you all had a SMASHING FORTH!!!  I had a festive little post all planned out for YOU and couldn’t find one free moment to sit down at the computer! 

We’ve been splashing, frolicking in the sunshine and doing all that CRAZY-FUN-SUMMERTIME stuff!   

If you are local you’ve gotta take a trip to The Paris in downtown Niles.  They serve lunch in VINTAGE LUNCH BOXES!