{Theme of the Week} Goldfish

[Tuna Fish Sandwhich with Blue Berry Bubbles]


[Emerson eating lunch, like a fish, in the kiddie pool.]


Sixteen Ways to have fun with GOLDFISH (from left to right):

1.     Serve Goldfish Soup

2.     Try Goldfish Kiddie-Pool Math (fish for numbers then put them in order)

3.     Make Tuna Fish (or PB & J) Sandwiches in the Shape of a Fish

4.     Buy A Feeder Fish for Every Member of Your Family 

5.     Check Out Goldfish Books from the Library and Make Rock GOLDFISH Pets 

6.     Write and Illustrate a FIVE FACTS about GOLDFISH Mini Book

7.     Freehand Foam Goldfish for Math Time

8.     Make a Colorful Goldfish Crackers Collage

9.     Paint a Fish Bowl and Add Artistic Touches like Seaweed and Gravel

10.   Make a Unique Home for Your New Pet

11.   Have Toddlers Engage in a Fun Color Match with Goldfish Crackers

12.   Go Fishin

13.   Dunk Orange Swedish Fish into Blue Jello

14.   Do a Family Fish Day

15.   Eat in a Goldfish BOWL (AKA Kiddie Pool)

16.   Use Goldfish for Addition and Subtraction Practice

and all time favorite of the week– Make an OUTDOOR GOLDFISH BOWL—–

Enjoy these beautiful summer days friends… 

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Find Love.

Think about what you loved to do as a child, and then do it.

Susan Branch

Veggie Match Cards

My gift to you—  a set of VEGGIE CHARACTER CARDS for a game Go Fish, Memory or Match- up!

Download Veggie Cards HERE!

Download includes 12 different vegetables.  I simply printed image as a 4×6 photo, trimmed in half and mount on printed card stock.    For personal and/or classroom use only.  Please do not redistribute.  Download will expire on July 15, 2010.


Playtime Before Sunset

Dear God,

Thank you for your constant presence in my life. 

Thank you for joyful playtime before sunset, smiles,

and your loving arms that wrap me with grace and love when I stumble. 

Thank you for these children and all the joy they bring to my life.  

Love, Me  


Interview & Color

Father’s Day 2010 Krischan is behind the scenes making them laugh!


Interview with Mason (five) about his daddy.  

How old is your dad? 14 years old.  No wait, 17 years old. 

How tall is he? About 17 inches.

How much does he weigh?  100 pounds!

What is your dad’s profession?  He is an Army man. 

What does he do at work all day?  He teaches and sometimes he camps out.

What are your three favorite things to do together?  1. Fishing  2. Sports  3. Swimming

What are his favorite foods? Pizza & Fish

What makes you smile about your dad? When he comes home from long days.

What do you do when you miss your dad? I think about him and make pictures of him.

How did you dad meet your mom?  uhhhhh?????

What is one BIG wish you had about your dad?  For him to never do work again. 

What would you do for your dad if you were with him on Father’s Day?  I’d give him a big hug and a kiss and a card.

What are you dad’s hobbies? [LOVE THIS ANSWER] He likes to play with the kids.  And he likes to catch big fish.



Randy, Dad, Daddio, Daddy, Dada-

You color our world with HAPPINESS and LOVE.

Happy Father’s Day to the man who continues to make all our dreams come true! 

We love you. 

Isn’t he cute?


(on the left) 

My dad is extraordinary.  Not just on Father’s Day. EVERYDAY.  

He has taught me the art of kindness, generosity, perseverance and determination.

One of the greatest gifts he has given me is my CREATIVE spirit.   


Proof my dad is CRAZY CREATIVE: 

  1. He lives in a purple house.
  2. He creates zany food dishes.  Can you say sauteed Honey Nut Cheerios with cinnamon and sugar?!  
  3. We did family style whip-cream fights when I was a kid! 
  4. He has an old telephone booth, a McDonald’s amusement ride, and a hand-crafted stain glass fence decorating his BACKYARD.  It’s amazing.
  5. As a kid he wallpapered my room, top to bottom, with my artwork.


So when you see all the wacky-crazy-silly-messy things I do with my kids…  

don’t blame me! I was just blessed enough to have a fantastic and amazing role-model.   


“THANKS DAD for teaching how live creatively.  Because you believed in me, loved me and cherished me that I am able to be the mom I am today.  

 THANK you for being the most wonderful father in the WORLD! 

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

 I love you!”

{Theme of the Week} Veggies

So long ice cream…


Talk about a hard sell. :)

 [Painting With Veggies]

Asparagus: Paint Brush!  Corn on the Cob: Paint Roller!  Peppers and Brussels Sprouts: Stamp and Smear!


Photographs of veggies cards for “Go Fish” and “Memory Match”


[Create a Veggie Plate]




—————————————————–Veggie Details————————————————————-

Fun & Games:Go Veg (Go Fish), Name that Veggie and The Vegetable Memory Game

Imaginative Play: Farmers Market & Seed Scientist

Book Love:The Vegetable We Eat (Gibbons), The Life and Times of Corn (Micucci), The Monster Who Ate my Peas (Schnitzlein), I Will Never Eat a Tomato (Child), Grow it and Cook it (DK Press) 

Art Time: Painting with Vegetables, Design Your Own Seed Packet and Plate Veggie Art  

Creative Learning: Seed Packet Spelling, Spelling Blocks & Vegetable Classification  

Just for fun: Peas and Carrots Cake & Peas & Carrots SMASH!


 [Emerson by the Veggie Table]



[Seed Packet Spelling]

Kiddos can use seeds to spell the vegetable name.  Seeds are mini circle punches and packets are letter sized envelopes cut in half and mounted on cardstalk.   


Left to Right (above):1) Blaise Visits the Farmers Market 2) Word Block Spelling found via Make Learning Fun  3) Painting! 4) Corn Ready for Color  5) Emerson Taking a Picture of our ‘Peas & Carrots’ Before SMASH! 


 [Veggie Classification Game in an Altoid Tin]


 Now go eat some VEGGIES! Or at least play with them.




The veggies are coming!

I’m just putting together our week of VEGGIE fun!

[Blaise with our Peas & Carrots Cake.] 

This face seriously cracks me up.  Somebody likes PEAS!!!!  Guess that’s not too hard considering they are cake peas. 

You can find these adorable seed packets here—- Keeping Life Creative: Seed Packet FREEBIE