Dirty Birdy

The person that coined the term, “lazy days of summer” did not have KIDS!

No lazy here.

But that’s okay, because I love sharing the energy, enthusiam and joy that my kids have when they are outside enjoying God’s playground. 

Who needs toys when you have DIRT!?




Summer Address Practice

  I recycled a stack of those pesky magazine subscription post cards to make this little practice book.  

Each morning the kindergartner-to-be gets to fill out a new postcard to get a bit of ADDRESS PRACTICE!  

 Maybe I’ll send one in and he’ll get a surprise magazine at the end of the summer!   


What you can buy for $6.25

Princess Art Easel = 5 Bucks


Frilly Little Pink Dress = A Buck

 Angel Wings = A Quarter

Giggles and Grins = Free

Next time you see a “GARAGE SALE” sign… you may just want to take a quick peek. 

You never know what kind of sweet lovelies you might find!!


Pie Smash

You can’t possibly do a clown week without a…


And I promise you…

if you are ever feeling down

all you need to do is put on a multi-colored WIG!

I swear you can’t possibly be grumpy 

when you are wearing clown hair!    

I may actually go to clown school when the kids are all grown up.  :)

Happy days to you!


{Theme of the Week} Clowns



[Toliet Paper Roll Puppets]



[The Clown Pool]



 [The Clown Shop]



Fun & Games: The Clown Pool, Clown Dress Up Box, Face Painting & Pie Smash

Book Love: Funny Bones: Comedy Games and Activities for Kids by Lisa Bany-Winters, Be a Clown: Techniques from a Real Clown by Ron Burgess and Heather Barberie, Big Top Recipes for Little People:  The Big Apple Circus Official Cookbook for Kids and Would-Be Clowns by Favorite Recipes Press

Art Time: Clown Faces, Toliet Paper Roll Puppets & Clown Face Paper Plates

Learning Fun: The Clown Shop (Math & Shapes), Clown Shape Up & Clown Color Discovery



 Pie Smash Tomorrow!



Magnificent Monster Madness!

Check out this extraordinary MONSTER party my friend Kate {her blog here} put on this weekend!!!

Isn’t this ridiculously amazing???

Party perfection. 

And Kate claims that she isn’t “creative”!!! Ya. Ummmm…  if this isn’t creative brilliance I don’t know what is!

I think my favorite detail might be the family MONSTER TEES! OR maybe that wildly fun birthday-boy hat! Or possibly the monster mustaches!

No way, I can’t pick just one…  LOVE EVERYTHING!

Are you on smile OVERLOAD yet? I sure am.

 I only wish I could have been there to see all this delightfulness in person! 

Thanks for the INSPIRATION Kate. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!!!




[If my life wasn’t already out-of-control chaotic I’d own of these!]



[If these were healthy, I’d eat one or two or TEN a day.]



[If I could get away with playing a practical joke every single day… I would.]

  I bought these for Randy’s birthday- he asked for some “good polarized sunglasses.” 

He didn’t think I was funny.  



[If I could take the boys putt-putting every weekend… I would. Okay, maybe every other weekend.]



 [If I could get their attention for ONE photo… I’d be pretty tickled.]



 [If I could put to words how simple things like these sparkly shoes brighten my day… I would.]




What I want to remember about Mom’s Day morning:

sticky smiles

giggles over french toast

messy countertops


these kids

just like this