Ready. Set. DUNK!

If I live to be 90… I’ll still be coloring Easter eggs.

Worth the mess? You betcha!

Egg salad sandwhich anyone?


So we didn’t do a “party” to celebrate the big THREE…

but I still wanted to make a little something FANCY & FUN!!

Papa sent the birthday girl a HUGE collection of vintage dress up jewlery

and we’ve been working on the letter P—so here ya go!

It was a drizzly and overcast day, but the birthday girl’s smile was full of sunshine!!

Enough sunshine to melt our hearts, that’s for sure…

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. 

We love you more than you’ll ever know.

This little baby

will be three tomorrow. 


Tidbits from one of her baby books:

{Theme of the Week} Peeps

Here a PEEP!  There a PEEP! 

Everywhere a PEEP PEEP!

The trick to using peeps in your art projects is to GLAZE them before you start creating!   

Peep Necklace:

Big hit of the week– painting with PEEPS.  We started by using glazed peeps to make bunny stamps… then it turned into free for all paint fest.  I trimmed artwork and used recycled peep boxes for frames. For kicks you could add ribbon to hang the frames.
The Mini Peep Show. Peeps pop in and out of box!  

Why Hello Sugar Lips! 

The Peep Number Game.  Kiddos fill a candy box of peeps by matching or sequencing.

Peep Paint:  2 Tbs Salt + 1 Tbs Powered Tempera Paint  For the peep puppets we sprinkled salt paint on thin layer of glue and let dry for 24 hrs.

Peep Glaze: 1 cup H2O + 1/3 cup white school glue Pour mixture into spray bottle and then mist onto peeps, dry overnight…

Peep FunPower to the Peeps  I absolutely loved this contest last year from the Washington Post… launch the gallery to see all the creative entries. My favs were the Peep Sushi and Pepperoni and Peeps-a (Pizza).

I love peek-a-boo.


 I love every minute of everyday with you.

Easter Memories

Okay, now that ST. Pat’s is over, it’s time to start getting EXCITED about EASTER! Unlike Christmas, which we build up and anticipate months in advance, Easter sometimes feels like the miracle that goes unnoticed.  I’m really looking forward to finding some creative ways to weave the story of the Resurrection into our celebration this year. 

Some of my favorite Easter memories:

I’m currently reading The Christ of Easter: 48 Days of Devotions by Calevin Miller and really love these snippets:

“Let the child you used to be praise Him and the adult you have become will be refreshed.”

“Grace is unexplainable.  We are all waling miracles of mercy.”

“Live in such genuine simplicity that who you are is who you seem to be.”

She’s Just Our Type

Remember Sleeping Beauty?

 Now that her family has received their birth annoucements I can share ONE with you!!!  

The typewriter belonged to her great-great (?) grandmother… 

Does it get any sweeter than this??




Crazy About {Vintage Toys & Books}

I have a not-so-little collection of anique kid games, toys and books. 

These just make me SMILE!!!

Come on, don’t these cheerful characters make you happy??? 

And the COLOR!

 Oh how I adore the vivid shades… 

toys today JUST DON’T COMPARE–I’m sounding old now, aren’t I?! 

Blame my obsession on my DAD! 

 He is a master collector and is always sending the kiddos huge boxes vintage goodies!!!

Once a month or so, Mason and I go on a treasure hunt!  

 Our favorite antique store has this sweet little cafe in the back… he loves the melt in your mouth brownies!  

Just wait until you see what we got Emerson for her BIRTHDAY!!!