Happy Trick-or-Treat Day!



Hip Hip Hooray! It’s a candy kind of day. Can’t wait to see all the adorable costumes!!!

{Theme of the Week} Guest Blogger!


Welcome guest blogger Susie!!

Susie is the creative mastermind behind Decorate Your Soul and Catchlight Photography in Ohio.

Between raising three gorgeous girls AND running a wildly successful photography business, she made time to whip out a HALLOWEEN week of learning and fun for us!!!






 Edible Delights: Pear Witch project courtesy of Family Fun

Letters: Find the “W” on the witches hat

Math: Addition/subtraction on the witch’s hat (she turned it over and asked for subtraction, how cute is that?) We halved the pear in our “pear witch project” snack …Counted pairs for the eyes on both the witch face and snack… Used colorful dots to work on patterns

Creative Fun: The girls created their own witch face using styrofoam cups as faces and practiced small motor skills with painting, cutting and gluing.

Writing: Sarah wrote a short story about a magical witch’s hat that flew in the night sky.
Books: Room on the Broom, The Witches, Strega Nona Harvest


THANK YOU for all your fantastically fun ideas Susie!

Lollypop Garden

Life.  How sweet it is.

A colorful garden filled with wonder and magic…


What I love most about my job is that I get to capture the absolute beauty and magic of kids being kids.

Nothing is sweeter.

Nothing is as delightful.

Nothing beats moments like these…




Heavenly Father, thank you for the magical moments that children bring us each and every day.

{Theme of the Week} Candy Corn

Welcome guest blogger Heather!

Heather is an amazingly talented Florida based artist-photographer.

Just feast your eyes on her SWEET version of theme of the week.

Oh my… the colors, the creativity, the fun… I can hardly stand it!

candy corn 1

candy corn 2

candy corn 3



Playful Fun: Candy Corn Toss

Edible Delights: Cheese and Crackers, Cupcakes, and a sad attempt at a fruit parfait with what I had on hand. I recommend pudding for the yellow layer instead of applesauce.

Learning Fun: Guessing how many candy corns are in a jar. Plus a lesson on volume- comparing equal amounts of candy corn in different jars/glasses.

Art Time: Melting Beads, Bean Bags

Activities: Sewing and Knitting

Decorating: Candy Corn Garland and Hair Clip


candy corn 5

Thanks Heather for your wealth of inspiration!

Heather’s blog:  Scrap Happy Heather

Are you tired of Halloween yet?

I guess this little man is…


It’s the little things that daily make my heart burst into a million smiles. I will never forget the moment I glanced over to find this little guy asleep in his high chair. Naturally I had to take advantage of his snoozing for a little photo fun!

Thank you God for all the treasures of fall!!


Classic Halloween Prank

This is an oldie post.  My ALL-TIME-FAVORITE Halloween party prank:


Kitty Litter Crunch Ingredients

melted tootsie rolls {for kitty poop}

1 white cake mix + 2 packages vanilla pudding mix + 1 package vanilla sandwich cookies {crushed together for kitty litter}

new kitty litter box

new pooper scoop

can of cat food (put to side of litter box)


Your party guests will giggle and gag… just my kind of fun!  Detailed Recipe HERE!

Need a baby fix?

I got mine today.



What a thrill to hold such a fresh miracle from God.

Isn’t he a divine work of art?


Cake Smash!


Your smile brightens our world.

We our over-the-moon crazy in love with YOU.

Happy First Birthday Little Man!!!