The Alphabet Game


may2009-bac-sink-abc-game0061Matching ABC style!


  1. Cardboard covered with cardstock and ABC squares
  2. Recycled poker chips
  3. Old magazines
  4. Circle & square punches
  5. Modge-podge
  6. Small pastry bags to hold letters

Older kids can do a speed match— turn over the polker chips and see how fast they can fill the board.  Toddlers can use the colors to help them find matching letters.  A search and find twist— use old magazines (Kid Craft has a cool version) to hunt for pictures and letters to put on the board!!

Check out Playful Learning for some magnificent ABC inspiration!!!!

Picnicing in the Park


Last Day of School Scavenger Hunt

We officially have an 8th grader in the house!  Today we started a new end of the school year tradition! Krischan searched for clues all around the house only to find the final scroll led him to a closet full of balloons!  The gift balloon was printed with—- POP ME FOR SOME SUMMER FUN! Daddio also surprised him with silly spray (which got in his eye and made him grumpy) but all in all he had a blast!!

The clues rolled in newspaper scrolls:


Here are a few of the clues:

  1. School?  NO more! NO more!  What do you always take to the store? (Scroll was hidden in our green grocery bags).
  2. You are amazing, that is plain to see.   Search for your next clue where you go  ______. (pee— Mason hid this scroll your know where!)
  3. Summer is here!  It will be hot! Hot! Hot!  Now find your next clue in a pot.
  4. Krischan in 7th grade? NO that is a mistake!  Go find you next clue where you might view the lake.
  5. Dear 8th grader, we love you.  Your very last clue is RED, WHITE and BLUE. (Scroll was behind his flag).

Let the summer time fun begin!

Memorial Day Weekend

Ate lots of good food.dsc_02491

Daddio took Blaise fishing for the very first time & bought a boat.dsc_0220

Could not get this boy to fall asleep.  His energy is insatible.dsc_0236


What an amazing and special bond these sisters will share.


“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” M Garretty


Marvelous Mud-pie





Tis the season!!!  Mud-pie madness has begun!

Marshmallows for Breakfast

The kiddos were being very very quite yesterday…  you know what that means…. trouble was brewing.


Nothing like a healthy breakfast to start the day off right!


Swings Glorious Swings


Galdwell’s book BLINK: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking really inspired me during this shoot.  The premise of Blink is that spontaneous decisions are often as good as— or possibly better than– carefully planned out ones. Doesn’t this just make sense?  BLINK reminds me that my most treasured photographs are those where I didn’t think about what I was doing;  I just clicked and loved and laughed.

Here’s to wind blowing on our cheeks and carefree days of thinking without thinking.