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Baby with her Baby


5 Months!


Leapin Leprechaun’s Candy Buffet


This year we created a GREEN candy buffet to celebrate St. Paddies Day!!

Mason left a trail of hand painted Leprechaun bait from the front door to the candy table (which was covered with a sheet-shhhhh I made it early!)

Don’t worry all you health food fanatics— Tuesday we will have a healthy style GREEN buffet with all fruits and veggies!

22You can find tons of terrifically fun  St. Paddies Day food ideas and the template for the Leprechaun feet from Gormet Mom on the Go! 31

Life Size Paper Dolls

Last Saturday was rainy and dreary so we opted to stay inside for art-time.  We traced the kiddos to make life size paper dolls and then added clothes.  Notice (above left) Emerson’s bow (tee he he she can’t ever be without something frilly) and look at Blaise  (above right)– sleeping peacefully— boy is this little fellow going to be in for a treat when he gets old enough to join the big kids! I recently bought a huge roll of butcher-style paper at Sam’s club and it’s perfect for all these large projects.  I remember doing this project for Krischan when he was little.  We traced him with chalk and added all sorts of colorful clothing decorations.  My how time goes so quickly.
dolls-335 dolls-335-a

Annual Summer Fun Fight




AUGUST 2008!!  This is family fun night at its finest.  K wouldn’t let me post his photo, but he had just as much fun as Mason!

The sun is finally starting to make a entrance here so it’s time to start planning some fun outdoorsy stuff for this SPRING!

You can also have a whip cream fight INSIDE– we did in Texas… it worth the mess and clean up!

Won't be long…


St. Paddies Day *2008*

Last year a little Leprachaun magically turned lunch into a GREEN feast!!!   So this year I’ve been on a hunt for new fantastic greenish grub ideas.

st sta stb stc std

Mac n Cheese=GREEN



Mystery Beverage=GREEN

Happy *almost* GREEN day to you!!