Imaginative Play: Office Style

During one of my treasure hunts (or as Mason calls it antiquing) I found an old Remington for four bucks! I thought it would be the perfect addition for his office.

The ribbon needs replacing?! Any ideas where I could find one? His office “job” is to call out the letter as he types.


Before. During. After. {ART}

B E F O R E:35-7001

D U R I N G:35-700-during


A F T E R:35-700-after

We affectionately named these our Peek-A-Boo Eggs!!!  Yes, it is time to start thinking about Easter.  oh my.

Inspiration setup from NO TIME FOR FLASH CARDS.

{Blue + Green}


Toy Organization


Cleaning up toys can be a beastly task!  I wanted to create a storage system in our playroom that would make clean up a breeze.   The key to this strategy is that each bin is clearly labeled with a PHOTO and NAME.


The photo labels are laminated and adhered to each bin with Velcro.  I adapted a card template from  HERE!  I’m disappointed that the velcro isn’t sturdy enough and the kiddos pull it off— so I need a new plan for this?  Ideas?

The actual storage unit is ITSO from Target.  Itso is terrific because it’s durable and adaptable… but way over-priced.

Inspiration for project: HERE– she has the most ingenious organizing ideas!


213 21-2002 21-200b1

2 Months, 4 Months = Big Changes BABY!



Bento Style KIDDO Lunch


This must be one of my favorite purchases of 2008.  Here is Mason’s lunch tomorrow… in his  Lap Top Lunch Box. Emerson has the same style, in pink, of course.


Make note of our silliness:

  • —Sword Fruit
  • —Edible {Easter} Grass growing out of sliced turkey (Mason is going to mow the grass with his teeth!)
  • —A B C  Cheese

You can find other fun bento style lunch inspiration here!!


What I really like about Lap Top Lunches is that we can be environmentally friendly, they are made in the USA and we can easily make meal time a mini-celebration.  And no, our lunches aren’t usually this elaborate!

Who needs Lunchables now?

HAPPY Munching!

Mr. Sunshine


Yep— that’s the same hat as above!!!  It actually fits him now.  This is from yesterday.  I’m still drastically behind– I have photos I want to show you way back from NOVEMBER.  Eventually I’ll post em!

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