Coming out of hibernation!

After a brutal winter we are finally starting to thaw out!

Coming out of hibernation… awwwwww feels so good.


 [Bear Breakfast]


 [Teddy Bear Serenades]


[Beary Special Songs]


[Little Bear’s Visit]


[Teddy Bear Tea



[We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Play]


what I’ll miss most about winter is

seeing Blaise in his bear suit.



Monsters on Parade


Monster Mash: Search and Spell   1. Stir  2. Select  3. Say  4. Match!


Monster Meal


Monster Tea


Bat play-dough cookies, monster tea, pumpkins and books.


Monster Math!  Cards have easy word problems like–  “Make a monster with three eyes, four legs, two arms and six spots.  How many parts does your monster have?” 


Feed the Monster!

copyright-katherine-marie-10052013k copyright-katherine-marie-10052013l

 A Monster Buffet!

Don’t worry this only looks disgusting!  I used pumpkin spice cake mix for the sludge and chocolate for the toxic waste.  Nothing like a little gross sensory play!  At least it smelled good!



Favorite monsters from the archives!


Dog-gone Fun



Go, Dog. Go!

Sight word fun… drive and match word car to doghouse! Car word idea via Pinterest!


Eat like a DOG!

The cardboard boxes behind Frankie are the doghouses they used to sit in for movie night.  101 Dalmatians was our dog flick pick.


Clifford’s Birthday Party Book Kit!

Activities:  1.  Open Clifford’s birthday gift  2. Find bones-words in the story   3.  Count and/or sort Clifford’s candles   4.  Make a paper Clifford  5.  Eat dog bones  6.  Find joke inside party blower  7.  Open Doggie Bag (I can’t remember what I put inside that one?!)  8.  Use birthday party tickets for a special turn to hold the book or read a page


Harry the Dirty Dog Sensory Play!  We used spices (apple pie spice, cinnamon, cumin…) to make Harry SMELLY  and dirty.


The aftermath.



They were completely entertained my this one.

copyright-katherinemarie-051613gDog-gone fun for everyone!



Rainbow Day Fun & Play


 Roll-A-Rainbow Snack

Best combo 3 + 6!  Worst combo 1 + 6!


Colored Sand Rainbow Play





Paint a Popcorn Rainbow


Adding a drop of food coloring to light Karo syrup makes shiny, edible paint.   You can also experiment with  plain yogurt, vanilla pudding and sweetened condensed milk as an edible paint base.


Rainbow Subtraction Sort

This activity can work for any basic math fact including number recognition, addition and multiplication.

copyright-katherine-marie-031013hRainbows from the archive!


Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to the most beautiful blanket of snow, freezing temps and best of all…

a day off school!!

You know what that means.



Snowman Breakfast.

Get it– the toast shovel?! :)


Snowball (Marshmallow) Painting



 Afternoon Snack & Craft— a Mini Snowball Buffet!  Cups h/t Pinterest


Kids can get pretty creative with marshmallows and play-dough… trust me!  :)


Squishy Snowman h/t Pinterest idea via Mollie’s Mom!


Beware this one can get messy!


We ended the day with a SNOWBALL FIGHT!

 To play “Super Speedy Snowball Spelling” —  1.  Divide into two teams  2.  Team A makes up a word and hides each letter inside a snowball   3.  Team A throws all the snowballs to Team B  4.  For time, Team B opens up each snowball to find letters and attempts to guess the mystery word   5. Speediest team win the round

I’m not-so-secretly hoping for another snow day tomorrow.  I might just like snow days as much as my kids…  Okay maybe even more!

Hope you get a SNOW-DAY soon!


Feeling Grinchy

One. Two. Three.  A Grinch for me!

1.  “To Make a Grinch Grin” idea via Kinder-Wife’s Blog   4.  Stuff-a-Grinch Ornaments h/t Pinterest!  5. Grab-and-Go Grinch Activities

Blaise loved using a wooden soup spoon to mix and identify letters.  Free printables via Babbling Amy’s Blog!

Open Grinch’s door (diaper wipe lid) to find the man-in-green.

Grinchy pop up puppets and GRINCH interview sheet.

We haven’t done the interview yet, but I hope to get Mason on video interviewing Emerson dressed as the Grinch!  Maybe someday I will learn to share video on my blog.  :)

We had a fog delay the other day.  It was the perfect excuse to work on some fun Grinch school stuff.  I love it when the kiddos go in late because it gives us time to play school!  :)

Grinch Adjectives idea via The First Grade Parade!

Mixed Media Grinches!

Grinch Pills (Tic Tacs!) h/t Pinterest via Craft Fabulous!  Grinch Candy Canes via Grinch Day at The First Grade Parade!

His favorite thing to do in costume was to creep around the house and pretend like he was eating tree ornaments.


Frankie Stein

I couldn’t wait a second longer to bring out the Frankie box!  When we first did a “Frankie theme” in 2010 our little Frankie wasn’t even on our radar.  Now we have a real-life Frankie to help us get in the mood for FALL!  Today I added some new surprises to our box and I checked out a couple of books at the library.  I like to introduce “monsters” early in season…  before all the ultra-scary Halloween decorations come out in the stores.  (Any excuse to start FALL fun is enough for me!)   Crafts and books really seem to reinforce that monsters and all the Halloween characters just PRETEND and just for FUN!

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  This monster is on the crawl.

New & Old Frankie Fun

Paint Chip Frankie (2010)

Before bed tonight we did a Franken-wrap.  I should have caught these guys on video, it was so funny.  I think this is their favorite fall game!

Mason was gone for this and when he returned and spotted these pictures on the computer he immediately asked if we could do it again tomorrow!

“I can’t believe I missed that!!!!”  Who knew a roll of streamers could be so much fun?!

Frankie’s Snack Lab (2010)

My favorite Frankensteins EVER!

Happy almost FALL!!!




Brainstorming Idea Board!

Crazy Cow Kit idea via Social Moms.

Taste Test!

The winner of this “taste test” was the french vanilla cinnamon concoction.  I originally wanted to do a blind test to compare whole-soy-organic-goat but I never seemed to have everything on hand at one time.  Milk and honey was the least favorite.  They loved this activity!

Paper Plate Cows via Busy Bee Crafts 

1.  Yes, these are cows!   2.  Cow Painting via dairy farmer Blaise   3.  Storty telling paper elements (for our magnetic board) from The Cow that Laid an Egg by Andy Cutbill 4.  Cow Chip Cookies AKA Chips Ahoy

Cow Counting Tin  (Kids cut magnetic cow spots to store inside the Altiod tin.  They use the cow number cards and spots for math fun and number recognition.)

I love Emerson’s yellow hay bales and long skinny cow legs (above right)!

A Dairy Land Adventure!  This place is incredible.  They have a birthing barn (we just missed a birth but swooned over a calf who was less than two hours old), milking machine (like a cow merry-go-round), bus tour, string cheese maze and all sorts of other fun learning stuff.

This is how I typically set up our crafts.  I make a sample tray and a ready-to-craft tray with all the necessary supplies.  This is pretty different compared to free art time where I just toss everything on a table and let them go crazy.

I’ll leave you with three fun facts to wow your cow-loving friends (via Upmqua Dairy):

1.  Cows have an acute sense of smell.  They can smell something up to 6 miles away!

2.  There are approximately 340-350 squirts in a gallon of milk.

3.  It takes an average of 50 licks to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone.

 Ice cream Lick-a-Thon anyone?