Ice Cream Sundaes for Two


Happy Mail for my sweet niece Zoe!

Earlier this summer, while I was on vacation visiting my family, I promised my niece that I’d take her out on adventure and that we’d go out on a date for ice cream.  Sadly my trip was so short that we didn’t have time to squeeze in our date.

 I’m hoping this will make it up to her!


My favorite part of this surprise— I tucked ice cream jokes and cash into the mini (cleaned out) Ben & Jerry’s containers.

“Where do you learn how to make ice-cream”

Sundae School!!

copyright-katherine-marie-090213bAnd speaking of ICE CREAM…

 Ice cream for FOUR severed here!  I snapped this tonight while they were waiting for the ice cream truck.



Lemonade Stand!


On our last day of summer vacation we decided to knock off one last thing from our Summer Fun List!  We didn’t even get close to completing all our projects.  There is always next summer!


Twenty-five cents for a cup of love and joy.
Pretty good deal, huh?!


Get your ice-cold glass of lemonade!




I’ve never met a lemonade stand I didn’t love!


Little Stationary Set

I’m checkin off my GIFT LIST. One-by-one!

This is one of my favorite gifts to give! 

Don’t you just love old-school, library style stamps??  I added evenvelopes, cardstock, happy tape and twine to make a little personalized gift set.  Perfect for sketches or notes to grandma!   

Hope you are having fun creating-packing-sending perfect gifts for everyone on your list!



Crazy About {Vintage Toys & Books}

I have a not-so-little collection of anique kid games, toys and books. 

These just make me SMILE!!!

Come on, don’t these cheerful characters make you happy??? 

And the COLOR!

 Oh how I adore the vivid shades… 

toys today JUST DON’T COMPARE–I’m sounding old now, aren’t I?! 

Blame my obsession on my DAD! 

 He is a master collector and is always sending the kiddos huge boxes vintage goodies!!!

Once a month or so, Mason and I go on a treasure hunt!  

 Our favorite antique store has this sweet little cafe in the back… he loves the melt in your mouth brownies!  

Just wait until you see what we got Emerson for her BIRTHDAY!!!