5 things

that make me SMILE!


1.  Antique Baby Dolls

2.  My Monster I-Pad Cover

3.  Gathering Girly Things for Emerson’s Bday

4.  Kiddo Stationary

5.  BINGO!


 Hope your day is filled with lots of simple things that make you smile!

It’s Okay

6 Things I’ve Learned Here 

It’s okay to take pictures of dirty faces. Real life is pretty darn beautiful. 

It’s okay to blog a lot.  It’s okay to blog a little.    

It’s okay to dream & play here.  My creative playground doesn’t need rules.         

It’s okay to take pictures of yogurt cups.  Someday I will look back at the little ordinary things with a happy heart.       

It’s okay to be me.  No right way. No wrong way.

It’s got to mean something to me.  Then, and only then, it might me something to you. 




52 Smiles: February’s Challenge


 Once a month I’m going to present YOU with a KINDNESS challenge!!



Today your challenge is to find someone (or a group of folks) who do not normally receive Valentines and then go shower them with a little LOVE! 

Perhaps you could take some handmade cards to a local nursing home?  Or maybe you’d like to surprise the deli workers at your market with a carnation and card?  There are plenty of people who would treasure a Valentine surprise.  If you are shy, leave it anonymously. If you are feeling friendly, make a new friend.    

Use your creativity, imagination and joy to make someone’s holiday extra special!  Remember you are making a difference with your acts!  



Do your little bit of good where you are;

it’s those little bits of good

put together that

overwhelm the world.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu



If you are new here, 52 Smiles is a year long project were we intentionally do one out-of-the-ordinary act of kindness each week. 

Read more: HERE  We would love to have you join in at ANYTIME!  




P.S.  For those of you who were interested in a kindness BUDDY I’m going to match you up and send you email this week!  PROMISE!



I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things…

I play with leaves.

I skip down the street

and run against the wind. 

Leo F. Buscaglia


Everything about this time of year makes me feel like I’m six.  Christmas begins to become a reality again.  The colors jump off the trees in all their glory. It’s cool and sunny.  This evening we went on a little leaf hunt.  We came home with sweet memories and baskets full of the most unimaginable colors. 

I sure do love this time of year.   



Feeling Yellow & Thankful Today…

  Thank you to all the people in

in the world who are

always ten percent kinder

than they need to be.

Helen Exley


Jolly Orchards

Hidden away in the middle of nowhere (Coloma, Michigan) is a magical little farm called  Jolly Orchards.  

Where else can you ride an old timey Ferris wheel in the middle of a corn field?  

This picture makes me smile.

I loved my view from the top

 a giggling little girl by my side

  and cool breeze on my cheeks.

God’s gifts come in all sorts of packages. 

I sure enjoyed this one.      






Dear God,  Thank you for the JOY of celebration and a life that is so rich from our relatinship with you that we want to celebrate all the time. 

 {Contageous Joy: Joyful Devotions to Lift Your Spirits}

This is summer.

Dirty Toes

Freckled Noses

Sippy Cups & Giggling

Daddy Loving

Tree Gazing


“Normal day let me be aware of the teasure you are.” M. J. Irion



“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”  Helen Keller



“Today is a perfect day for lying down and staring at the clouds and realizing how beautiful life truly is.”   Unknown



“I will go to the alter of God, to God who is my joy and happiness.”  Psalm  43:4