A few fall favorites

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A Treasury of Ordinary Days


Every year I print a photo book of our days.

It’s such a treasure to have a visual journal of these simple moments that I now hold so dearly.

 The books above are printed from Artifact Uprising.


A few pages from our most recent book–














Thirteen in 2013

Thirteen of my favorite photographs from 2013!P-is-for-Painting-copyright-010614g copyright-katherine-marie-010624d copyright-katherine-marie-010624b

A-is-for-artwork-copyright-010614 copyright-katherine-marie-010624g copyright-katherine-marie-010624j copyright-katherine-marie-010624k P-is-for-Painting-copyright-010614i P-is-for-Painting-copyright-010614a copyright-katherine-marie-010624f copyright-katherine-marie-010714h copyright-katherine-marie-010624eB-is-for-Blue-eyes-copyright-katherinemarie-010614

and drum-roll

for my very very favorite of



Dear God in Heaven,

As we begin this glorious new year, full of hope and anticipation,

please remind us that whatever comes into our lives comes only with Your divine

permission and is designed to make us more like your precious son, Jesus.

Thank you that Your grace is sufficient to carry us

through every trail,

through every joy,

through every journey in 2014

Thank you for your never-ending, unfailing, beautiful love Lord.


(prayer adapted from Barbara Johnson, Joy Breaks, Page 278)


Fun Stuff Baby!


10th Annual Whip Cream Fight!


The hardest part is waiting for the “fight” to begin.

copyright-katherine-marie-090513 K’s girlfriend was such a sport! The kids got her good!


HAPPY first day of school!!

POP! POP!  This was their after school surprise.


Back to school picnic dinner!


Fancy fancy PB&Js


100 candles!!!  My sweet Granny would have been 100 in July.  My dad hosted a beautiful family reunion-celebration in honor of her memory.  Love and miss you GRANNY!


Hoping your days are filled with fun!!!  GOD BLESS you!


Even more reasons to smile [2012!]

Part two of my YEAR-IN-REVIEW!

You don’t even want to know how long it took me to pick my favorites!  I was up until three am last night. :)


THANKFUL FOR…  1.  summertime collections   2.  sleeping baby photographs   3.  bubbles and balloons in the kitchen sink   4.  freedom   5.  mud puddles & rain boots   6.  tender hugs   7.  Christmas crafts   8.  Birthday traditions   9.  our annual whip cream fight


 THANKFUL FOR… 1. ideas from Pinterest   2. family fun   3.  this photo! I had planned to take a grocery store like this when my oldest was a baby and I finally did almost 17 years later!!  even thought I only got it on iPhone I will treasure it always.   4.  visits from St. Nick   5.  mother-daughter shoes… Emerson’s wanted these for her first day of K   6.  cupcakes   7.  reminders of my childhood   8.  everything CHRISTMAS!   9.  the person who designed this recycling center


THANKFUL FOR…  1. traditions   2.  mini celebrations   3.  a trip to the beach   4.  learning    5.  shoes   6.  Blaise’s New Year’s Eve party station   7.  my yearly Santa suit shot   8.  cookie plates   9.  hearts &  flowers


THANKFUL FOR…  1. a stroll through a vintage camper rally  2.  goodies from my dad   3.  Jollay Orchards    4.  rocks to climb   5.  books, books, books!   6.  oil cloth   7.  a trip with Kate and her crew   8.  our first drive in movie   9.  antique shops


THANKFUL FOR…  1. creeks to wade in   2.  silly pancakes   3.  FALL!   4.  a lemonade stand kit for cousin Zoe   5.  love   6.  pumpkin’ carving   7.  putt-putt with my boys   8.  God never ending love and grace!  The challenges of this year have become blessings and made us stronger!  9.  the best moment of 2012!!!!!


THANKFUL FOR…  1.  kite flying lessons   2.  the bride-to-be   3.  care packages    4.  treats and sweets   5.  walks on the beach   6.  baby food   7.  my favorite time of the year   8.  tea parties   9.  the colors of Autumn


THANKFUL FOR…  1.  every single moment we create together   2.  our first ever banana split   3.  festive pictures   4.  cross-fit   5.  a loving God who never gave up on me   6.  baby legs   7.  summertime strolls   8.  photographs   9.  adventures

copyrightkatherinemarie-010913dand if i had to pick my very favorite iPhone pictures from 2012 it MIGHT be these four! maybe! maybe not?  I just love them all. :)

All photos via iPhone/Instagram–  @katherinemaries.com

I hope 2012 was filled with many many moments that made YOU smile too!


81 reasons to smile [2012]

whooooo hooooo!

What a year it was!



THANKFUL FOR…  1. a blossoming reader   2.  my favorite season   3.  day trips    4.  parties   5.  kisses   6.  this man   7.  the moment when the promise of Christmas becomes a reality!    8.  bubble baths in the kitchen sink   9.  that little tush


THANKFUL FOR…  1.  Thanksgiving    2.  story time   3. antiquing with my kiddos   4.  happy mail from my dad  5.  a Savior who blesses me more than a deserve   6.  time to make Christmas cookies   7.  this lady who helped save my life   8.  my favorite bookstore   9.  time inside that bookstore!


THANKFUL FOR…  1.  art time  2.  my silly sweetheart  3.  every single friend who sent a card (and the ones who didn’t!)   4.  the kid’s enthusiasm when they met this kitty cat   5.  waffles for dinner   6.  fall activities   7.  camp K and K!   8.  a sense of humor   9.  treasure hunting


THANKFUL FOR…  1. sweet moments    2.  creative time   3.  summertime swingin’   4.  the fair!   5.  September mornings    6.  family time   7.  God’s glorious sky   8.  little chefs   9.  a beautiful beach and wonderful friends


THANKFUL FOR… 1.  making it to 41   2.  smiles   3.  our teachers    4.  another year!   5.  birthday planning time   6.  healthy food   7.  the moment when we found this doll house   8.  happy colors   9.  this moment


THANKFUL FOR…   1.  frilly bums   2.  quiet moments at the bookstore   3.  tutus   4.  day trips   5.  happy lunches   6.  time at the park   7.  celebrations   8.  a-picture-a-day   9.  Mother’s Days treats


THANKFUL FOR…   1. pink cheeks   2.  creative moments   3.  knee socks   4.  every moment (even the messy ones!)   5.  friendships   6.  gorgeous weather   7.  girly time   8.  every picture   9.   old toys


THANKFUL FOR…  1. A BIG birthday!  ONE!   2.  colors   3.  holidays   4. time with friends    5.  God’s love notes   6.  two girls   7.  artsy craftsy projects   5.  an excuse to dress up and eat lots of candy   6.  an excuse to play with little people


THANKFUL FOR…  1.  artists in training  2.  the excitement of the first day of school   3.  all of them   4.  beautiful people to worship with   5.  God’s loving grace, mercy and forgiveness   6.  pictures   7.  custard with friends   8.  our little swimmer  9.  pumpkins!


Photos via INSTAGRAM (KatherineMaries)!


Visiting Thistleberry

This is one of our favorite fall spots.  We haven’t missed a year since we moved here!

I wish I would have bought some of their PUMPKIN TEETH!

You know those stick-your-head-in-a-painted-scene-boards?  I just love those.  Someday I’ll have a to make a collage of all our silly head shots!

Have you ever launched corn-on-the-cob? It’s pretty entertaining!

 I hope you are having the most lovely fall!


and that was summer

we chalked

we horsed around

  WE… snuggled, played, admired baby rolls, goofed-off, posed for pictures, spent time in the garden, celebrated, smiled, skipped with balloons, made art in the parking lot, walked to the candy store, wore cute shoes…

we became superheros

we played salon (notice the bangs)

 WE… went for evening strolls, enjoyed books, acted silly, made art, danced in victory, posed for more pictures, ran around in the rain, explored, sipped, picnicked, skated and got into lots of things

we tried our very first (banana split)

we grooved with Pete

we day-tripped

WE… dreamed, admired, played in the crib (but did not sleep in the crib!), dazzled, shared treats, made messes (lots and lots and lots of messes), had fun, learned to drive, got cuts, played golf, drank unique refreshments, enjoyed papa

we anticipated

we licked lots of ice cream cones

and THAT was our summer.

I hope your summer was filled with lots and lots of simple things that made you smile!!