Celebrating the letter I!

This year we will be celebrating each letter of the alphabet along with Blaise’s kindergarten class!  Their very first letter was you guessed it… Ii!!  copyright-katherine-marie-093014gI is for an Incredible Hulk lunch!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014f copyright-katherine-marie-093014eI is for inchworm and insect painting!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014aI is for interesting homework– the number inspector and itty-bitty ABCs (bubble wrap)!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014I is for the Incredible Hulk (again!) and Iguana (h/t Pinterest)


I is for how indescribably happy this little fella makes me!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014bI is for an incredibly icky snack menu!!!

1.  Imported Italian Icing

2.  Icky-Sticky Cake

3.  Inchworm Apples

4.  Insect Eyes (green cheese puffs)

5.  Insanely gross Iced Tea


Celebrating Seuss!

We’ve been celebrating Suess all week long.

A-Book-A-Day… HOORAY!!!  copyright-katherine-marie-030214e copyright-katherine-marie-030214 copyright-katherine-marie-030214i copyright-katherine-marie-030214a copyright-katherine-marie-030214b copyright-katherine-marie-030214f copyright-katherine-marie-030214g copyright-katherine-marie-030214h

Goodies from inside the SLEEP-OVER KIT!

“Hop on POP-corn via OBSEUSSED.com!! [HERE!]

copyright-katherine-marie-030214c copyright-katherine-marie-030214d

Oobleck recipe via Ooeygooey.com [HERE-follow the flubber recipe!]

copyright-katherine-marie-030214j(King Derwin after his royal lunch!)


Happy 110th Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!


Dynamite Dinosaurs


Discovering Dinosaurs Play Mat!  Made it through three turns…  :)


 Emerson was the most intrigued with dinosaurs today!


Roaring good times in the “garden”!


Dinosaur Diggin’!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!



Sick Day Learning & Play


Doctor Kits!!

A big h/t and thank you to Create-Celebrate-Explore and A Magical Childhood for this idea!


Ouch ABCs— Upper & Lower Case Match


The Pharmacy—  Multiplication & Addition Practice


Fill the pill-box!


The Surgery Center.

copyright-katherine-marie-0227133And after all that hard work it was time for a trip to cafeteria for lunch!  You know that every hospital cafeteria has to serve jello on a pink tray, right!?


Happy Flag Day!

Did you know that in the US today is Flag Day??  I didn’t until I happened upon a news article earlier this month.  President Woodrow Wilson first established June 14 to celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of our flag in 1777.

Blaise’s classic rip and tear flag!

Mason’s self portrait flag craft.  Idea via the fabulous First Grade Parade blog!

Emerson’s finger paint flag!

A messy table is my favorite sight!

I told the kids that this summer we would make sure to carve out some time to celebrate a few out-of-the-ordinary holidays and observances!

 Se7en has incredible lists of silly, wacky, and educational holidays HERE!!  You have plenty of time to fill your calendar up for July.



Preschool ABC Book

Someday Emerson is going to look back on these pages and smile!

Someday I will share these with her children.



Inspiration via Inchmark!

If I was a president I would have one “peace” of candy each day!

Abe’s Cabin

Washington & Lincoln via Fairy Dust Teaching

Penny Experiments


Polishing Pennies via PBS Kids

Future Presidents!  :)

Hope you had a lovely President’s Day weekend!


Snowball Fight!

We are snowed-in today!!!

Oh how I love this time of year.

Here are some snips from our indoor SNOWBALL FIGHT (aka spelling time!)