Psalm 113

Sharing with you today, one of my favorite meditations by Leslie Brandt, based on Psalm 133,

and a bike ride…


 “How great and glorious is our God!


From hour to hour,

from day to day,

our lives ought to overflow

with praise and gratitude.


 It is amazing, even fantastic,

how our God permeates every facet of our lives


and can work out His purposes through them

despite our human faults and failures.


He creates beauty out of the dust

of our fallen natures.

Out of the ashes of our failures

He brings forth meaning and purpose.


He exalts the humble and enriches the poor.

He transforms our weakness

into channels of strength.


Our emptiness becomes a vessel of His fullness,


our spiritual poverty the basis for His eternal grace.


 Our errors and mistakes are

stepping stones to success.


Our defeats are but incidents

on the road to victory.


But this is God’s doing, not ours.


 How great and glorious is our God.”

God is Here, Let’s Celebrate (page 54-55)

By Leslie F. Brandt

Trunk or Treat!


Some snaps from Trunk or Treat today!!!


 We have a huge selection of costumes that I keep on hand for plays, imaginary play, dress up time and impromptu parties.  So when Halloween rolls around we have it really easy!  I let the kids pick whatever they want for fall parties and trunk or treating.  Then I get to put together a creative costume for the 31st!  :):)  I call it—You pick one.  I pick one. We all get to be creative!  I’ve found the best place to find used costumes is at consignment shops in early September.  I also watch for costumes all year long—cause I’m weird like that.  :)  It really pays off to buy early because costumes like the dragon and banana were only a couple bucks each.




They were running towards me.  Your can’t stop them when candy is involved!  When we started Frankie had a small bunch of bananas to carry along in her basket and the fire breathing dragon had some pretend fire made from paper!  Who knows where they ended up!!?  :)


It was a chilly and gorgeous day.

So thankful for days like this.

So thankful for these creative and fun-loving kids in my life.


Autumn Joys

Thankful for…


 Warm soup.

A lovely new book.

copyright-katherine-marie-102113cA quick stop to marvel at God’s handiwork.


A stroll in woods.

Crunchy leaves beneath our feet.

A little runny nose.


Fall treasures.

copyright-katherine-marie-102113dForgiveness. Grace. A chance to start over.


Halloween Happy Mail

Ohhhh I’m like a kid in a candy store with all the little treats and goodies that come out of hiding this time of year!  A couple weeks ago I gathered a colorful collection of kiddo treasures to send out for a little Halloween hello!!      


Getting ready to stuff some envelopes!


Open if you DARE!


Boo! A treat for YOU!


Little Cupcake


This one is for your POPS!

My dad told me that as much as he enjoys looking at my artsy-crafty projects what he really wants to see is SMILES on my blog!!  So here ya go Papa!


And dad do you recognize that spice tin? I think it’s from your house!  LOVE YOU!


Monster Mail!


Last year I made these MAKE-A-MONSTER kits for the kiddo’s classmates.  I loved the idea so much that I decided to make a couple big versions and send them out this year!


Make-a-monster kit ideas (I wrote this inside the lid to get their creativity going):

1.  Make a monster Halloween card

2.  Make a hand-print monster

3.  Make an abstract monster

4.  Make a pet monster

5.  Make a monster collage

Paper treat bags from Wisker Graphics!  

 I wonder what the postal workers might think if they checked inside this box! heheheh… they might not get my humor!

copyright-katherine-marie-093013bKit includes:

Monster treats– M-n-Ms of course!

Monster fur– crinkle paper

Monster fluff– pom poms

Monster paint & brushes

Monster cards—  kraft card stock

Monster hair– yarn  (I don’t know why this one makes me chuckle!)

Monster spots— buttons

Monster glue—  I almost forgot to put this in!!!


Can’t wait to see what kind of sweet monsters emerge from this box!



More happy mail!  copyright-katherine-marie-092313a

 Pink Goodies all packaged up on IG– here!

I call this one my “tickled-pink-to-have-a-friend-like-you” box!




Pictures & Quotescopyright-katherine-marie-083113

“What you are comes to you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


You decide every moment

of every day

who you are

and what you believe in.

You get a second chance

every second.


Now isn’t that awesome??!


“Every sunrise is proof that God is still in the miracle business.”   –Unknown

I might add…  every smile, every flower, every tender kiss, every baby…


“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your eathly pursuits.”

Carl Jung

Yes, I lined up my baby dolls and set them up “just so” I could take a “pretty” picture.


 “Every experience God gives us,

every person He puts in our lives 

is the perfect preparation 

for the future that only

He can see.”

Corrie Ten Boom


All my love to you on this long weekend!


P.S. The poetry book above (picture number three) is extraordinarily sweet and is one of my very favorites.