Grossology 2014

It’s a tradition!  For this dinner party only grossly disgusting foods are allowed on the menu!

  This year kept all our favorite classics and added few new fun ones…

copyright-katherine-marie-102014Cheddar Chex Mix looks almost exactly like Friskies Cat Treats!  Ewwwww!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014aThis was our favorite new edition this year!  DIRTY DISH WATER PUNCH! (Idea via HERE!) When you mix fizzy soda with green sherbert it makes realistic looking soapy bubbles.  I bought a new dish pan and accessories to make it ultra realistic. YUM!!! DRINK UP!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014bThe dog bones we super easy— Scooby Snacks of course!  I bought a brand new toilet seat cover for the commode cake!  Revolting!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014eThe the gross beyond gross winner were these DIRTY ASHTRAY CUPCAKES!  I never imagined that I’d find a use for those completely inappropriate candy cigarettes!  The “ashes” are just crushed double stuffed Oreo cookies.  Idea via Pinterest HERE!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014cThe tasty roundup!

I didn’t take a picture of the “kitty litter crunch” this year because, quite frankly, it looked too realistic.  We used spice cake as the base and melted Tootsie rolls for the cat droppings.  An official recipe– HERE!


Move over snail-mail…

…it’s time for BAT-MAIL!

copyright-katherine-marie-100614c copyright katherine marie 100614 copyright-katherine-marie-100614a copyright-katherine-marie-100614b


I’m back!!!!

copyright-katherine-marie-090114nI’m back!  I’m back!  My blog is fixed (I hope!)!  Did ya miss me?!  So much has happened since I’ve last shared with you!  I’ll never be able to fully catch up, but I’ll share some of our favorite summer highlights during the month of September.  The biggest, most exciting news, is that we bought a 150 year old farm house out in the county!  It’s been like waking to a dream we never knew we had!

And school starts tomorrow.  We now have a college freshman, forth grader, second grader and kindergartener in the family.  Yesterday a sweet friend surprised us with an ice cream party kit.  So here’s how we kicked off back to school—

copyright-katherine-marie-090114d copyright-katherine-marie-090114c copyright-katherine-marie-090114e copyright-katherine-marie-090114b copyright-katherine-marie-090114acopyright-katherine-marie-090114mSo good to see you here again!



Easter Traditions Old & New!


copyright-katherine-marie-042014d copyright-katherine-marie-042014l copyright-katherine-marie-042014 copyright-katherine-marie-042014a copyright-katherine-marie-042014c copyright-katherine-marie-042014b copyright-katherine-marie-042014jcopyright-katherine-marie-04201kj copyright-katherine-marie-042014i copyright-katherine-marie-042014g copyright-katherine-marie-042014o copyright-katherine-marie-042014m copyright-katherine-marie-042014k copyright-katherine-marie-042014n



copyright-katherine-marie-041714 copyright-katherine-marie-041714c copyright-katherine-marie-041714b copyright-katherine-marie-041714a


Easter Bits!

copyright-katherine-marie-041614a copyright-katherine-marie-041614b copyright-katherine-marie-041614 copyright-katherine-marie-041614kcopyright-katherine-marie-041614hcopyright-katherine-marie-041614l

copyright-katherine-marie-041614j copyright-katherine-marie-041614f copyright-katherine-marie-041614i copyright-katherine-marie-041614eFrom God Gave Us Easter:

“I love Easter,” Little Cub said.

“Me too,” Papa Bear said.  It’s even better than Christmas.”

“Better than Christmas? Why?”

“Because on Christmas, we celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  But on Easter, we remember we get to be with him forever.”


“Forever.  That’s why God gave us Easter.”

copyright-katherine-marie-041614dcopyright-katherine-marie-041614g copyright-katherine-marie-041614c

Thank you HOLLY & KATE & JODI for the amazing Easter boxes and treats!!!  Your friendship makes my heart smile.



Smash Me! Paint Me! Eat Me!

Easter Egg Mail!

copyright-katherine-marie-041514b copyright-katherine-marie-041514c

Smash Me:  Confetti Eggs!

Eat Me:  Chocolate Eggs!

Paint Me:  Don’t worry they aren’t real– fake eggs to decorate!

Hide Me:  Felt Eggs!

I love mailing these surprise boxes off to special people in my life.   I wish we could all be together to celebrate Easter, but at least with these boxes we can pretend like we are creating together!   HERE they are all boxed up!

My crew testing out the paint—-

copyright-katherine-marie-041514a copyright-katherine-marie


Spa Seven

This weekend we celebrated Emerson’s 7th birthday with a spa style sleepover! katherinemaries-0330214bkatherinemaries-0330214a katherinemaries-0330214 katherinemaries-0330214e katherinemaries-0330214d katherinemaries-0330214c

DSC_6193cropI can’t believe my heart is big enough to hold all the the love I have for this little lady.  I danced in the street the day I found out I was having HER (they orginally told me I was having a BOY).  I’ve been dancing and smiling and celebrating EVER SINCE!