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HAPPY MAIL: A Rainbow Hunt!

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The Seuss Search!!!

DSC_5008 copyright-katherine-marie-030515b copyright-katherine-marie-030515 copyright-katherine-marie-030515aFrankie and I surprised the big kids with an after school SUESS SEARCH to celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday this week!!  We hid eight books (and treats) throughout the house… and after the big search the kids picked their favorite book to read-out-loud!  It’s these simple little celebrations that I cherish so…


Celebrating Valentine’s Day… in every way!

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Puppets, treats and a craft for some Valentine sweeties!!

katherine-marie-021215b katherine-marie-021215 katherine-marie-021215aI love you like a RACCOON loves trash day!


Cupid’s Cafe

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Valentine Science!

Science kits for Valentine’s DAY!! katherine-marie-020915b katherine-marie-020915c katherine-marie-020915d katherine-marie-020915 katherine-marie-020915akatherine-marie-020915eScience Kit Printables from Teach-A-Roo!

Available on Teachers Pay Teachers… here and here!



Top Secret Valentine!

These were our TOP SECRET Valentines from last year!!

Mason had so much fun searching for and making all sorts of detective style goodies for his classmates.  We stuffed all the TOP SECRET treasures into a treat bag and sealed it was a CLASSIFIED VALENTINE INSIDE banner…  copyright-katherine-marie-012815 The “Top Secret” card has teeny tiny Valentine jokes for kids to read with a magnifying glass.  We used the crayon resist technique (write message with white crayon then color over with dark crayon to reveal words) on the “Secret Message” card.

If you’d like to add a bit of detective fun to your treat bags this year here are the printables I used (FREE for personal use only!):

Bag Toppers:  HERE

Top Secret (Use magnifying glass to reveal):  HERE

Secret Message:  HERE

  I recommend printing on heavy weight card-stock so you can easily attach crayons and magnifying class with glue or tape!   (Personal use only please!)


I ordered the mini magnifying glasses and “Operation Cupid” cards with a secret decoder from Oriental Trading Company.  The little red striped box of crayons is from Target.  You could also tape individual crayons (use a dark color for the message to show up clearly) onto that card!