Spiders Everywhere!

On Frankie’s lunch tray.

All over Emerson’s bedroom wall.

In the mail!!?

Couldn’t even do homework without those creepy crawly guys coming for a visit!


Spidey lunch!  Clockwise: chocolate coin, applesauce, tortilla bites decorated with food marker, raisin FLIES, and a very very scary sammy. hehehe…


EEEEEEEK!  Emerson picked her Halloween decor this year… those creepy crawlies don’t seem to bother her a bit.  She is reading on of her favorite fall books, “The Spooky Smells of Halloween.”  And for the record Emerson’s room is rarely this clean.

Se7en + 1… I’m so sorry the spiders that visit your house this time of year aren’t nearly as cute and cuddly!  :)


The Spelling Web Game.

1.  Pick a spider word  2.  Practice  3.  Crinkle word into a ball  4.  Throw and see if you can get it to stick to the wall web (covered in contact paper)   5. Repeat!!


Happy mail for my lovely and beautiful friend in Hawaii!  I filled this box with spiders and other fun Halloween goodies.  You must already know that my favorite part about making surprise packages is decorating the box!  This time I added lollipops, a web and edible spiders to the lid.  The lid spiders are peppermint patties (thanks Peggy for the idea)!


Snow White’s Laundry




Photoshoot idea h/t Pinterest via Inspire Me Baby





The Chef



Oranges in. Oranges out.

Baby in. Baby out.

She brings sunshine into my heart and silliness into my days.



Enjoy your day!!!!


Storybook Picnic

Look who’s ONE!

To celebrate Frankie’s BIG day we celebrated with a storybook picnic dinner and a cake smash!!

 The big kids really enjoyed her birthday dinner.  Frankie wasn’t overly crazy about her cake, but she took a nibble or two!

Emerson is more excited than the birthday girl!  I love this shot.

Happy is my favorite!

We are forever thankful for the joy she brings us every single day.


297 – 352


297-352 out of 366…


312 – 324

325 – 340


“Sing it girl!”

A million hugs and kisses from the soon-to-be one year old!


In the Kitchen with Frankie

I’m a horrible cook.

BUT I’m happy to spend time in the kitchen with Frankie.

Some recent shots that made me chuckle…

hmmm…what shall we toss in today?!

I put Blaise in this same crock pot four years ago.  hehehhe… something never change!

Swimming in the sink today after a lovely and VERY MESSY lunch.

All clean!

Sweet as sugar?!

That chubby dimpled hand just kills me!

Someone really likes TOMATO soup!



A picture-a-day for Frankie’s first year!

Days 248-296…

Huge hugs and kisses from FRANKIE!



A-picture-a-day for Frankie’s first year!

Everyday we take five minutes to dress up (or dress down) for a quick picture!  It’s a family affair because big brothers or big sister are the ones who make her giggle for the camera.

 Working our way to 365!

223 days old


237 days old


246 days old


227 days old

215 days old

As always Frankie sends huge hugs and kisses to all of you!!! xoxoxoxoxox