I’m just finishing up Barbara Browns Taylor’s beautifully insightful book, An Altar in the World. 

I was espically captivated with her chapter on prayer, The Practice of Being Present to God.


…is waking up to the presence of God no matter where I am or what I am doing.  When I am fully alert to whatever or whoever is right in front of me; when I am electrically aware of the tremendous gift of being alive; when I am able to give myself wholly to the moment I am in, then I am in prayer.  Prayer is happening, and it is not necessarily something that I am doing.  God is happening, and I am lucky enough to know that I am in the midst.  [page 178] 

Playtime at the park as prayer?!

When I am fully aware of the presence of God; absorbing all his blessings, love and beauty, I am in a form of prayer.

All of these sacred, ordinary, GOD-GIVEN moments of my day can be prayer!  All I need to do is be open and present to the gift.