[Build-A-Bug Tray]

 [Little Hands Butterfly] 

Remember making these in preschool when you were a wee one???  This framed version from Not So Idle Hands is absolutely adorable!!


 The caterpillar becomes a butterfly!

Make a cacoon.  It’s hard work!


 1.  Clothes Pin Fireflies idea via Busy Bee Crafts   2.  Bee Number Munchers  Odd or Even?   3.  Arachnid or Insect?   4.  Caterpillar to Butterfly   5.  Cheapy Bug Mugs   6.  Caterpillar Letters


 [The -UG family Bug]

Come Halloween I think we need to do an entire week with SPIDERS!

[Peanut Butter & Craker Critters]

Many eons ago we created and celebrated bumble bees!  {HERE}   You can find more crafts and ideas on that post.