If you are new here, 52 Smiles is a year long project were we intentionally do one out-of-the-ordinary act of kindness each week. 

IDEAS for using FLOWERS to spread a little JOY!

1.  Anonymous Delivery   Contact your local hospital and see if you can have balloons and flowers delivered to a patient who is without family or a support system.

2.  May Day Everyday   It doesn’t have to be May day to leave a surprise bouquet of flowers on unsuspecting neighbors front porch!  You can use garden fresh flowers, florist flowers or kid-handmade flowers!      

3.  Surprise Delivery   Think of someone who could use a boost.  Deliver a bouquet of flowers to them for NO REASON at all.  We surprised an an elderly lady from our church who always greets people with a smile and warm heart.  Just so happens it was her birthday week… I’m always in awe how God works.      

4.  Happy Flowers   Pick a place in your community that could really use some fresh cut beauties.  We took simple, small vases with tulips to our local post office.  I think the staff enjoyed the bursts of color at the counter.  

5.  Floral Note Cards   Design a small set of note cards and deliver them to someone who could use some lovely stationary (new mama’s always need thank you cards!)  Use photographers from your archive or have kids take over the design.



If you are interested in joining us in our SMILE adventures please read more: HERE!  

We started our 52 Smiles in January of this year, but YOU can start anytime!